Monday, June 1, 2009

Survey Says!

In early April, Truman College announced it was conducting a survey to see how the college could best interact with the Uptown community. Today we received a letter with the results. Thanks to all who participated.

Dear Uptown Update,

We’d like to share with the community the results of the Community Engagement Survey recently posted on Truman College’s website, as well as on several community organizations’ websites. We were pleased that more than 170 people responded to the survey.

Respondents were most interested in:
• Architectural tours of Uptown, Dover Street and Graceland Cemetery
• A “Spa Sunday” featuring manicures, pedicures, massages, etc.
• Community yard sale on the new parking deck
• Access to the pool

The classes you wanted most included:
• Green technology
• DIY classes (upholstery, embroidery, sewing)
• Job networking
• A book club
• Business classes

The Chicago Architecture Foundation does very good tours of Uptown and Graceland. John Holden does a walking tour of Dover Street. He can be reached at

Unfortunately, we can’t open the pool to the public any time soon. It needs more than $600,000 worth of work to update aged equipment and facilities. We have made access to the pool and gym a priority for the college and the community as soon as we complete work on the new Larry McKeon Administrative Building and parking deck in the spring of 2010.

We are offering a variety of free DIY courses this summer. Embroidery, Jewelry Making, Career Search Workshops and Entrepreneurship are just a few. Please visit for a complete listing. We are planning a Spa Sunday and a yard sale on the parking deck.

Our goal is to create a complete calendar of events for the community. We will talk further with the block clubs and share our plans. And thank you very much for your input.

Nancy Kramer
Dean of Continuing Education, 773/907-4443


  1. I would be all for a Spa day!

  2. No offense to Nancy Kramer, but nothing is says "working for the community" like taking our cash to build a student/faculty/staff parking garage next to a crumbling public transit building that's proving dangerous to the community that's footing the bill.

    But, hey ..., free jewelry classes.


  3. The responce to the survey results belies the appalling priorities of local political and school leadership. Rather than decrying TIFs which deprive the school of money which could have been used to update the pool they cry poor while building a parking garage.