Monday, June 1, 2009

Tribune Forgets Uptown Shooting

Check out this Trib story on the rash of shootings this past weekend in Chicago here. They mention 7 killed in 6 Chicago shootings but no mention of Saturday morning's tragic shooting death in Uptown. Better make that 8 killed in 7 Chicago shootings. Interesting omission.


  1. CLTV did report on the shooting in uptown though it was a very brief mention. Not sure about any of the other news stations.

  2. I am very curious as to know if their is a possibility of some political pull when it comes to certain stories that you would most definitely would hear if it were in another ward, but not in Uptown.

    This is not the first time that we have had shootings, and they are not being reported in the news.

  3. I read it too and on WLS they mentioned the areas which included ours in uptown..........

  4. The most interesting part of the Trib's omission is that they covered the Uptown shooting/death on Sunday with a very, very brief blurb (didn't hold a candle to the info Lorraine Swanson was able to pull together)... but a day later, in doing their widely-read round-up of firearm deaths over the weekend, they failed to mention Uptown at all.

    Could have been a legit oversight, but it sure speaks poorly to the Trib's reporting (and counting) skills.

  5. Political connection?

    That's just silly.

    It's commerce.

    You think the Trib is going to promote the ward just north of Wrigley, with ample parking, as being a shooting gallery?

    Especially when they're in discussions to sell the Cubs?

  6. I agree Jason. It has to be some sort of political influence involved in reporting the crime or NOT reporting the crimes in Uptown. I lived in Uptown all of my life and recently moved my family to Hyde Park due in part to the raising crime rate. When asked about why we left such a "Great and Up and Coming" area? I have to explain why because there really is no media paper trail as to the crime rate in Uptown. It is digusting to know that the crime in Uptown is SO bad and the Gang Bangers are growing like weeds and unless you frequent Uptown or live in the area you have NO CLUE! There is a interesting section in the Chicago RedEye where they track the crime in Chicago, I have never I mean NEVER once saw a report about Uptown!