Wednesday, June 10, 2009

It's Game Show Night @ Wild Pug

Take a trip back to the '70s with our live game show every Wednesday at Wild Pug (Lawrence & Broadway). Dick Guhzinya and his cast of celebrities take to the stage for a night of comedy. Audience members have a chance to play and win "dick dollars" and a $15 Wild Pug gift card.

The dance floor doors open at 9pm. VJ Bobby Marley will play your requests after the show.

Show Cover: $5 (all money goes to the actors)


  1. I am sure that DIck Dollars has no other intended meaning......

  2. Match Game night!

    Will there be Charles Nelson Reilly and Brett Somers impersonators?

    I'm so there if there are.

  3. I really don`t know about those dick dollars but at my age I will take all the dick dollars I can get. The rest sounds like fun and will try it once to find out what its all about...........

  4. "At my age I will take all the dick dollars I can get."


    My fiance almost got on Wheel of Fortune a few months back. She made it to the second round but alas, she did not proceed to the finals.

    If she had won I would have had the money to buy myself a seat on a board of directors somewhere here in the city that helps conjure up laws. Then I could help pass laws that tax people for living their lives, then make back room deals that profit off of people living their lives.

  5. {LOL!}
    Charles Nelson Reilly & Brett Somers impersonators...that would f'ing rock!
    Don't forget Waylon & Madam too.

  6. The match game and hollywood quares always features actors as the famous hollywood counterparts who made these shows classic, so yes, there is a good changce you could see a Charles nelson Reilley or brett Somers impersonator, as well as Charo, Cher, and many others. it's a good time!