Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Cafe Too In The News

ABC7 News did a story recently about helping ex-offenders return successfully to the workforce, and Cafe Too got some good words:

At Cafe Too in the Uptown neighborhood, customers may not realize the trendy restaurant is a part of culinary training program for ex-offenders. Inspiration Corporation trains the ex-offenders on proper restaurant techniques, then has participants experience a real work environment in the back of the restaurant. Seventy-five percent of graduates find jobs after this training.

"Just like having a roof over your head is stabilizing so is having a job," said Tony Reinert. Tony Reinert feared he would not be able to return to a computer networking job with his record. He was convicted of burglary after years of struggling with the law and addiction. But Reinert found Inspiration's program.

Reinert was hired full time in 2005. He's the lead server in the front of the cafe and he's going back to school. "I've proven not only to myself but also to the people at Inspiration Cafe Too that I'm not my past," said Reinert.

Read the entire report, and watch the video, here.


  1. This is great press! Cafe Too has awesome food, awesome service, awesome environment. Tony has waited on me many times and he is great!

  2. I have gone there and I must say the food was good. I would like to see some written reports on this 75% seccuss rate for ex-offenders staying into this line of business rather then returning back to their other old home.....I guess everyone deserves a chance and I hope they make the most of it....

  3. Went there for the first time about a month ago and thought it was pretty great. Glad it exists. Great food and a welcome antidote to the (IMHO) overhyped and overrated M.Henry's and Big Jones' of the world.

  4. We really enjoy it on Sunday afternoons, especially if the weather is nice and we can dine al fresco (no, not nude; outside). The service here is wonderful.

  5. I have never been here before, but I checked out their website, which includes their full menu with prices, and this place is now on my list as a 'must try soon' restaurant. The fact that it is helping people out by training them to work in the industry is an added bonus!