Thursday, June 11, 2009

Green Hornet Buzzes Uptown?

The folks who write the DestructoCo blog seem to have spotted a superhero in Uptown recently:

Earlier this week we told you that we spotted a film crew (at the Uptown Bank Building in Chicago), filming a “Green Hornet web series.” We were finally able to score a few more details for you all, so here’s what we know: The web series will appear on The site currently says “This Web site is coming soon.”

Filming at the Uptown Bank building seems to have been for basic interior shots and did not appear to involve the Hornet himself. However, other witnesses said that the police who were present may not have been wearing Chicago issued uniforms, but this could not be confirmed. The project is said to be unrelated to the “Green Hornet” movie.

First John Dillinger, now the Green Hornet. Lawrence and Broadway seems to be the place to be.

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