Friday, May 22, 2009

WBEZ: Residents Question The Use Of TIF Money

From Chicago Public Radio "Eight Forty-Eight" and Carrie Shepherd

Tax Increment Financing, or TIF, districts are located in many Chicago neighborhoods. A TIF is a tool used to funnel money into developing an area. One TIF district in Chicago’s Uptown neighborhood has taxpayers questioning if how the money is being used. WBEZ's Carrie Shepherd has the story.

TARA: I’m looking across the street and I haven’t looked at this in a long time and I have no idea what it is.

On a weekday night, post-Rush Hour, Tara Anbudaiyan and her husband Pradeep walk by the corner of Montrose and Broadway in Chicago’s Uptown neighborhood.

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  1. Interesting. A couple of things:

    - Shiller has not been in office over 30 years (thank God!). She's only been destroying Uptown as alderman for 22 years.

    - Again, Shiller states that low income housing, along with Target, was one of the most requested things for this site. Another lie that goes unquestioned and unresearched by the reporter.

    - It's sad that with all the work FWY, Uptown Update, Block Clubs, etc... have done to communicate just what a disaster WY is, there are still people, like the couple in this article, with their heads in the clouds wondering what is being built there. Scary to think there are many more uninformed people like them - especially at election time. Their comment about wanting something good there so they could get more for resale of their condo plays right into the typical "evil condo owner" crap that the Shillerista's love.

  2. Like Miss Kitty, I found it very interesting that Shiller mentioned low income housing was planned for WY from the start and very disappointing that the reporter did not question the statement at all. I guess now that the towers are creeping their way skyward, Shiller feels comfortable enough to drop the "mixed income" charade.

  3. Lets hope the now empty Maryville at Clarendon and Montrose with all the large parking lots will be the condo`s they claim it will be. Shiller has been having meetings with the developer I hear which does not sound good to me. I hope someone can find out for our peace in our area here..........