Friday, May 22, 2009

It's Officer Appreciation Day

A reader writes in:

Hi UU,

Today is the 10th Anniversary of the 23rd District Officer Appreciation Day. For the past ten years, the citizens of the area put together a thank-you day for all the officers that patrol our streets. We provide meals all day long for all shifts and serve breakfast lunch and dinner. We also provide every officer with a gift from the community, whether it be a gift certificate to a restaurant, a gym membership, gift cards etc...All donations are from members and businesses in the community and the entire event is sponsored by residents.

It's the one day a year that we as residents have chance to issue a formal thank you to all the officers who patrol our streets.

Please consider stopping by the station today at Addison and Halsted to say hello and thanks. The event runs from early in the morning (now!) until late this evening. We want to make sure that every officer who is on duty today gets our thanks!

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UU Note: We would personally like to thank all of the men and women who patrol Uptown streets and put themselves in the line of fire everyday to keep us safer. We know that a few "groups" in the 46th Ward make your jobs much harder than they have to be. We look forward to the day when Uptown has an alderman who actively supports you and attends CAPS meetings. In the meantime, know that we all support you. We here at Uptown Update salute our officers on this day and everyday.


  1. Hear, hear!

    Despite the destructive numbskullery which occurs up the ladder of the CPD and our city council, the patrol men and women are selfless, courageous and vital elements of our community.

    They may not be perfect, but let's not forget that they have some rather extension internal challenges that affect how they perform their duties, unfortunately.

    Not having aldermanic, or mayoral, support and being understaffed is not conducive to a properly functioning police force, but the patrolmen I've run into are as upset, disgusted and frustrated as well are, and yet they're still busting their humps to get the job done.

    I'm sure CopWatch and the rest of the far-far-left urban propagandists that Helen likes to lean on when she's feeling heat have a differing opinion and will point out some "bad apples" on the force; but, they are a slim minority.


    The rank and file CPD officers are continually getting shafted by the powers that be, and yet they still show up for work.

    I second UU's note of support and appreciation, and would suggest that a further, more tangible sign of appreciation would be for everyone to attend their next CAPS meetings (and the one after that, and the one after that ...).

  2. Over the years I been a resident in the Uptown area I have had numerous contact with the officers from Halsted and Addison. Running the thrift store on Sheridan I used the help of these officers numerous times almost on a daily basis. I think the officers where and still are the greatest of all the stations. I still remember the head of secutiry for our company that worked out of the old Foster street station. He since retired but I am sure some of the old timers would remember him on the Broadway and Wilson corner, SGT. Glen Wolf. He was the greatest. But I hope these fine officers of today give their all to our Uptown and give us a healthy and safe place to live. Too bad I cnnot say this also about our alderwomen who has failed our Uptown in so many ways.......Three cheers for our CPD........

  3. Do you really want to say thanks to the Police? Then IMHO the best way to do it is to write or call your alderman and let him know that you as well as we are upset with daley stonewalling us on our contract. We have been without a contract for almost two years now. You may recall that Daley recently yanked the city's most recent proposal off the table. He has now came back and offered almost half of what he put on the table only a few months ago. In addition, he wants to take what's owed to us on our retro checks and put that into our pension fund, something the CITY is legally obligated to do with city money, not our money. Moral is at an all time low in this Department. I've never seen things so bad as they are now. What this mayor and superintendent have done to this department is,IMHO, borderline criminal. I could spend hours talking to you about how screwed things are and it's all because of the man on the 5th floor.

  4. Big daddy well with our alderwomen Helen Shiller who hates the CPD because she cares more about non-tax payers and the punks that cause trouble here all the time in the uptown area. I was raised by 30th street and princeton in bridgeport. There it was pretty safe as there was many police living there as well as the boys on the corner social club that make sure it did stay that way. I will personally write them and let them know how I feel as well as many others you deserve all thats coming to you for the service you provide us all day and night....We don`t have the Italian social club with the good old boys like yesterday but we still have the CPD and we need your help specially in the uptown area to make it safe and secure and I thank you for your service.....