Thursday, May 21, 2009

Aardvark Insurance Kicks It Up A Notch

It's nice to see new businesses on Wilson that take pride in their street presence. Aardvark Insurance at 1228 W. Wilson added some new awnings to their exterior that look great. Visit their website at or stop in for a free quote on personal, business or health insurance. Now if only the Wilson Broadway Mall had a less garish paint job and a nice awning. We can dream.


  1. Does anyone know what this building was originaly?

  2. It was actually a theater, they had small productions, I forget the name. I used it for some good narcotic surviellance when the Crusaders of America were across the street w/ the hot dog stand next door. The crusaders were also fronting for a major gambling ring inside. Now it's condos.

  3. Wilson Avenue has SO much promise. There are a lot of 'rotten eggs' between Clark and Broadway, for sure....but there's alot of promise on Wilson.

    What I love about Uptown Update, is that even though the 'spot light' is often on unspeakable crime.....there is more often the notion, that hope, and good citizens here can prevail eventually.
    Any Alderman here must realize, that a good set of ears, tuned in to the majority, is KEY.

  4. This is the "Jenkins" building. I always liked that because it is one of my family surnames.

    I did meet the owner of Aardvark, and he is a very nice guy. I am going to bring him a thing of two to get a quote on.

    Chip has been trying to get his legs insured for some time but Lloyds of London will only give me Ten million. Aardvark hook a brother up!