Saturday, May 9, 2009

Tribune: Marigold Is Solid Gold

Phil Vettel of the Trib gives a three-star ("Excellent") review to Marigold: "Thoroughly Modern Makhni." Read all about our neighbor at 4832 N Broadway here.

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  1. I just posted this on the Trib blog too, but wanted to see if any other Uptowners have had similar experiences...

    Marigold's seating policy is utter bullsh*t.
    I've tried dropping in at least three times with my partner, only to be turned away with the condescending explanation that the wait is 1-2 hours. This could be on a weekday at 6PM when there are 20+ empty tables in view, with no Riv or Aragon show scheduled. They wouldn't even let us eat at the bar!
    I'm an Uptown resident, and the one time I was able to dine there I thought it was delicious. I want this restuarant to succeed. But their haughty River North attitude has got to go. You're in Uptown.