Saturday, May 9, 2009

Friday Night Lights

Around 11:30 on Friday night, we saw three squad cars absolutely flying at breakneck speed down Winthrop with their blue lights on. It made us wonder just what was going on tonight in the neighborhood. A couple readers wrote in to say they had seen the same thing in different parts of Uptown. Then we got this account from a reader who works and lives in the area:

"I just walked home from work and witnessed a high speed chase down Clarendon. A young male driving, I believe, a grey-colored, older car was driving about 70mph from Wilson to Montrose. I heard the speed and was startled, so I turned around and watched him drive by and he didn't stop at the Sunnyside stop sign. I thought, that was crazy, so I turned around again and saw 10 police cars with their lights on (unfortunately no sirens) and they sped after the car. There were also undercover cars. At this point I reached Sunnyside and one undercover cop sped down Sunnyside. I live on Agatite and when I reached my home I continued to Sheridan and saw they had caught the driver and barricaded the street. One police office got in the driver's car and it looked as if he was going to drive it (probably to a impoundment)."

Nice work, officers. (And nice job, readers, too.)


  1. I feel like I know less of what is going on in the neighborhood now that we don't have Lorraine covering our beat and the Uptown crime blotter is down.

    I check the Trib and the Sun-times (like for the helicopter incident last week) but usually come up with nothing. Now, neighbors, CAPS and UU are the only ways I hear about anything.

    Anyone else feel the same? Maybe the good news is that "ignorance can be bliss" and that UU readership seems to be up from last summer. Eventually someone writes in with details.

  2. i miss the crime blotter so much!!!