Tuesday, May 19, 2009

The Scoop on the Poop-A-Doopa

"Through Uptown Special Service Area (SSA) #34, Uptown United has placed a number of “Poop-a-Doopa” dog poop bag dispensers throughout Uptown. We all want Uptown to be dog-friendly, clean, and supportive of responsible pet ownership. We’d like your help.

In addition to Uptown United staff and Cleanslate interns regularly monitoring the dispensers, we’re asking your help by letting us know if and when the dispensers near you become empty; damaged; missing; or used inappropriately.

Because the Uptown SSA #34 is funding these bag dispensers, we are limited to placing them within the boundaries of the SSA. Here are the current locations:

  • Lightpole - SW corner of Winthrop/Winona
  • Lightpole - in front of Bezazian Library
  • Lightpole - SW corner of Sheridan/Ainslie
  • Lightpole - NW corner of Marine/Lawrence
  • Lightpole - approx 4709 N. Racine
  • Lightpole - approx 1049 W. Leland
  • Lightpole - NW corner Magnolia/Wilson
  • Chainlink fence - NW corner of Hazel/Cullom
  • Lightpole - NE corner of Clifton/Montrose
  • Lightpole - in front of Uptown Library
  • Lightpole - SE corner Sheridan/Cuyler

If you have any other suggestions for other or better locations within the SSA, please share them with us at ssa@uptownunited.org."


  1. They could use a few by Clarendon park grounds that run along Montrose to marine Drive. I use that area but supply my own pooper bags. Many I see don`t.....I wrote them as suggested and hope they place one there too......

  2. what a great and unique way to spruce up our neighborhood!

  3. All the more reason I'm glad to be a cat person.

  4. Wow, the spotlight is really on dog poop today!
    I love dogs, and always had one growing up.
    However, there are so many 'land mines' left around the city, that is just plain disgusting.
    I can't imagine having a dog in the city, and not being responsible enough to clean up.

    But I guess we have more serious things to worry about....

  5. How about we put one in front of Shillers Office? There seems to be a lot of poop coming out of there :)

  6. To the other Jason- from the first Jason

    *How about we put one in front of Shillers Office? There seems to be a lot of poop coming out of there :)* GOOD ONE!! LOL.

    I am a dog owner, and can honestly say that I have never stepped in dog poop.

    The bag thingies are really for emergency use. They are nice, because if I run out of bags I don't have to find some piece of trash on the street to pick it up with.

    I don't see them lasting long around here though.

  7. I know it's a long shot, but you are not supposed to be walking any pet without the means to pick up the crap. I personally tote a shovel, hip waders and a little red wagon when I walk my bison.