Wednesday, May 27, 2009

No Wings On Wilson

A reader writes in:
"I just walked by the space on Wilson you have mentioned (formerly Curves) near Racine and I noticed signs in the window advertising computer repair, lay-away, faxing, copying, and internet. I didn't see a name but you can assure your readers that a restaurant is not coming here."

Update: A restaurant might not be heading to this location, but a little birdie tells us that a wing restaurant is interested in the only vacant storefront of the Jay Bomberg building (Wilson & Clifton) already housing Nick's on Wilson and 7-Eleven. Stay tuned.


  1. Perhaps the "Internet Chat Room" is moving?

  2. Maybe we are getting a much needed Currency Exchange

  3. Well thanks for the oh so well researched history, but how many people come to visit UU each day? 6,000? How many of those people work for one of the many politicians in Uptown, the Police Department or a Peter H? It seems that quite a few people around here really appreciate the information brought to and the many questions raised by UU.

  4. I think a massage parlor would fit right in. They could find plenty of workers standing around our corners that are always looking for a quick job......