Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Loop Parking Holiday?

Breaking News from the Trib:

"Many of the newly-installed pay-and-display boxes in the downtown area are not working properly and officers said they had orders not to issue any parking tickets today."


  1. Unless the there are special meters just installed in the Loop, the new meters that accept coins and credit cards do not accept cash.

    The new meters in the West Loop do not accept cash.

  2. Brennan: coins = cash

    OED Wikipedia In fact according to the OED, the entymology of cash is: A name applied by Europeans to various coins of low value in the East Indies and China...The basis of the monetary system which prevailed in Southern India up to 1818; in this system 80 cash = 1 fanam, 42 fanams = 1 star pagoda

  3. Bring back the nickle parking meters of the good old days and like I saw in some small towns in the far north Wisconsin state where we vacationed last year.......