Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Chicagosphere: Mum's Not The Word On Wilson Yard

Uptown Update got a shout-out from Mike Doyle and "Chicagosphere," the new blog round-up column on the Trib's beta ChicagoNow blog project. Read it here.


  1. Wouldn't call that much of a shout-out. More like a (minor) slapdown.

  2. Yeah, not that great of a post from Chicagosphere. Not even a mention of the 6,000+ units of low income housing already here or just how dramatic the WY plan has changed from 2001. Sloppy.

  3. He never did say how that date turned out. Not too well I would suppose...

    At least we can continue to give him his kicks (as he put it).

  4. No need for me to report on what you already have, the fight is yours, not mine, and will remain so.

    My point is your blogging strategy to remain on message--and keep updating the public about it--no matter what is your greatest strength. Holsten Corp. and Ald. Shiller could take a lesson.

    On the other hand, your well-known ability to make allies into enemies is also well-known, so I have no intention of cozying up, either.

    Indeed, the date ended well. He came down here. But for my money, the better eateries are all in your neck of the woods...

  5. Nice apologia for St. Helen of the Blight and St. Peter, the Warehouse Builder.

    Does this writer live in Uptown at all?

  6. I'm not sure what "your well-known ability to make allies into enemies is also well-known, so I have no intention of cozying up, either" means?

    Can Mike elaborate? Beyond that, I'm 'getting a kick' at this sort of Reader's Digest point of view.

  7. Too funny...he wrote the press release for a PR firm. I thought it was going to be credible source. PR firms fact or fiction? They'll say anything for a buck.

  8. Stark Mad: I reference to: On the other hand, your well-known ability to make allies into enemies is also well-known, so I have no intention of cozying up, either.I think he is referring to post such as BakerBoy's and Bradley's. Even after he comes on here to explain a bit of the article "we"
    still come back with sarcastic remarks. (I refrain from the typical word snarky as it is not well-defined grammarphobia... Man am I the grammar Nazi today.)

    I think MD is sympathetic to our POV. But this is still Chicago...which means this is about as favorable a piece he can do without worrying about long term damage to his career. (Once again I think UU knows something about this....who is UU??)

    We should take what we can get. He is pointing people to UU. What he said is much more than what other people have said. I think his readers will be more likely to check out UU than they were last week. If they only view UU once and see sarcasm to MD why would they want to really see the bigger picture and how Wilson Yards fits into it here in Uptown?

    What I am getting at is if you feel MD is wrong give reasons. Don't just complain.

    Personally I believe pragmatism will lead us in the right direction. Some posters here are far too reactionary which is not always helpful. I am not saying everyone here...but there are a few posters on both side.

  9. "On the other hand, your well-known ability to make allies into enemies is also well-known, so I have no intention of cozying up, either."

    Thank you for not cozying up. I bet you have cooties....thpppppt.

    Methinks, thou hast gotten most of your information about this blog and the issues with Wilson Yard and Uptown from a biased source. Either that or between writing that PR piece and being congenitally "New Yawk" has damaged your ability to think about these issues clearly.

    On your blog post you said "Holsten Corp. and Alderman Shiller refuse to debate the project details on their merits. On the other hand, project opponents have dramatically disrupted several public meetings called by Shiller and Holsten Corp. President Peter Holsten, so reticence on their part to continue to stand in front of the crosshairs is understandable."

    I'm aware of only one incident of public disruption at a meeting by Wilson Yard opponents. When Shiller spewed some nonsense at a meeting in September 2004 at Truman College some folks in the crowd, particularly one obnoxious drunk, acted like "eejits". It's possible I'm unaware of others. That was the lovely meeting where Shiller left the dais to sit at a table with some of her louder and ruder supporters.

    Most of the public disruption at meetings has been caused by Wilson Yard/Shiller supporters. I won't claim all of it has been. Jump on the CTA and attend a few meetings if you doubt the veracity of what I say. After you attend a meeting please stop by any of our drinking or culinary establishments and spend some cash. Tip your server well.

    Now I do enjoy your "carless blog", as I too don't own an automobile, but I wouldn't write about some of the more amusing happenings at Marina City unless I did a bit of research. By research I mean more than writing a PR piece and reading a blog.

    Now your comment about the Fix Wilson Yard website being as you put it "official" opposition blog were amusing. I guess you figured us non "born again Chicagoans" were too stupid to get your meaning.

    Uptown Update is about a whole lot more than Wilson Yard or opposition to Helen Shiller. It posts all kinds of good stuff about new businesses, crime, deteriorating infrastructure, and more.

    I think you've been buying into the "official" line put out by the Shilleristas that Uptown Update is nothing more than a mouthpiece for the opposition in the coming election.

    GRRRRRRRRRrrrrrrrr, oh well the lovely taste of a Guinness beckons. I need it.

    By the way that cartoon rendition of your image you have is WAY better looking than your photo. If I were a gay Uptown man I wouldn't travel to Marina City to meet you. THPPPPPPPPPPPPPT. That's the "official" stupid put down of the day.

  10. Writer after writer don't seem able to get it. I think part of it is they feel a little put off by the amount of anger they see exhibited against one alderman who comes across as such an advocate for the poor. I didn't get it either until I moved here. Really now, who would ever believe Helen's behavior unless they personally experienced it for themselves?

  11. Point taken. I'll admit I have a bias. Like a Chicago politician, their publicist(s) are presumed liars. If so many weren't perhaps I wouldn't hold this prejudice. I believe I'm correct though that a PR firm is hired (paid) to put forth a position in the most favorable light. Balance and completeness are seldom, if ever, a consideration. At least he was honest in revealing his bias.

  12. I think he is referring to post such as BakerBoy's and Bradley's

    Physically Knotted, when I submitted my posting, Doyle's wasn't up yet, apparently because it was still in blog limbo waiting for UU admin approval.

    Had I seen his post before, I would have asked him if his previous date was someone from JPUSA.

  13. BakerBoy:
    I apologize for insinuating your post was reactionary to MD. I know how blog limbo goes. I am not trying to make enemies. I just assumed given the 2+ hour time difference, and you know what they say about assuming....

  14. Well thanks for the oh so well researched history, but how many people come to visit UU each day? 6,000? How many of those people work for one of the many politicians in Uptown, the Police Department or a Peter H? It seems that quite a few people around here really appreciate the information brought to and the many questions raised by UU.

  15. All glib, clever, or semi-clever comments aside.
    As an Uptown resident, I am SO thankful for this site......kudos to UU for bringing all us 'mutts' together, who just want the best up here.

  16. Starck,

    who ya callin' semi clever?