Sunday, May 10, 2009

No Uptown Farmers Market In 2009

If you want tasty breads and scones from Fulton Street Baking Company this summer, you'll have to visit the bakery at 2011 W Fulton Street or find another market they have a booth at.

Seems the only vendor at the Uptown "Farmer's Market" for the past two years won't be around in 2009, according to In fact, the market has been canceled, so we'll have no vendors at all.

Perhaps FSBC, along with actual sellers of produce, will be hawking their wares in 2010. We can only hope. In the meantime, you can check out nearby markets and dates at


  1. Wasn't there supposed to be one in Edgewater though?

  2. Let's be honest here, there never really was a farmers market in Uptown. One vendor selling danishes and donuts doesn't qualify. I think it's almost better not to pretend that we have one, as it's one less thing Shiller can disingenuously refer to around people in other neighborhoods in the ward.

  3. Sassy, if you click on the links, you'll find green markets and farmers markets in Edgewater, Andersonville, Lincoln Square and the Southport/Grace area. So we're close (but no cigar).

    Again, too bad for folks who can't leave the area to shop due to financial constraints or transportation problems. They're the main ones who suffer from Uptown's really horrible retail situation (now updated to include fresh produce).

  4. Since there's not going to be one in Uptown at all, I hope you don't mind if I promote a farmer's market just a short step to the north.

    The Andersonville Farmer's Market will be debuting Wednesday, June 24 from 4-8pm and will run every Wednesday into September. The Market will be located on Berwyn between Clark and Ashland, so it's easy to hop on the 22/Clark bus to join us.

    Organized by the Andersonville Chamber of Commerce and Andersonville Development Corporation, we feel that this vibrant market will strengthen Andersonville's connection to local foods as well as provide an active and energizing space for the community.

    The highlight of the market, of course, will be a luscious array of local, sustainably grown fresh produce. In addition, there will be many other items to purchase from local vendors. Live music, family activities and chef demonstrations are in the works.

    Also, if you are a farmer or (more likely) vendor or happen to know anyone interested in celebrating local food with the Andersonville Farmers Market, we would love to talk to you as soon as possible. We are also going to have a need for volunteers to help with the Market. Contact us at or call 773-782-2995.

  5. Well, we may not have a farmer's market in Uptown but we DO have those lovelies planting things in the park, as mentioned in a recent post. If success goes hog-wild over there, maybe such a thing would return to Uptown. Small sparks create big fires.

  6. Too bad but this shows to me uptown needs a safer and cleaner atomosphere before any retail shop or other type business would come and stay. One drive down wilson and seeing all the groups of people that hangout in front of those businesses across from the Truman is enought to scare any one away...........

  7. If you're interested in farmers markets, you may also want to think about getting involved in Community Supported Agriculture. Plenty of small local farms or consortia of local farms offer weekly/bi-weekly/monthly deliveries of fresh grown product and meat, if you purchase a share of their seasonal harvest.

    Unfortunately, I haven't been able to find an Uptown delivery drop-off location, but there are drop-offs in Rogers Park, Andersonville, and Lincoln Square.

    Generally, if a particular CSA has enough interest in a particular geographic region, they'll often set up a drop-off site there. I think it may be a long road for Uptown, but who knows.

    For anyone interested, here's a good guide to 2009 CSA options.

    2009 CSA Guide

  8. Kenny, All -

    I edited this out for space in my comment above, but this was also in our press release:

    "Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) plans to work with one ore more farmers who will not only be selling at the Andersonville market, but also using it as a drop-off point for their CSA."

    We'll have more info on that soon.

  9. Kenny-
    There actually was a drop in Uptown on Dover south of Wilson for Angelic Organics several years back. At that time I would estimate that probably 30 people were picking up from the site, so it wasn’t a matter of there being insufficient interest in the neighborhood. The building hosting the site was no longer able to do so, so some sites got consolidated and Uptown was combined with Andersonville. I have been a shareholder with AO for many years and the sites sometimes change from year to year due to various reasons such as host families moving etc. In addition, from the farm’s perspective, it is more efficient & less labor intensive to have less drop sites..... but I just wanted to point out that many folks in Uptown have been supporting CSAs for a very long time!!!

  10. Ó Hifearnáin, that's cool. I wish it was still operating... it's a long haul from Ravenswood or A-ville without a car, still worth doing though. It's funny that you posted about Angelic, because I was just on their site the other night, poking around.

    Hal, thanks for the info - I'll check it out!

  11. Kenny - I make the haul without a car (as do many others) and I just wanted to say that it is well worth the effort!!! AO rocks!