Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Fix Wilson Yard Lawsuit Update, May 26

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  1. I think its too late now to really maker a difference. I really am against wilson yard and its makes me so mad each time I look at it a fews blocks away out of my condo window. I voiced my thoughts at Helens office numerous times and I was told by her staff if I did not like the area I own and live in I would be better to move to one I liked. Now across from my building at Montrose and Clarendon the developers have had numerous meetings with Helen S. and I am told they are going to build 30 story condo`s where the Maryville center is empty and some houses where the parking lots are. I think everyone should start looking at this future project before Helen S. gets her hands on more property and turns this side of town into low income units also. Yesterday I saw them tear of the centers names from the building so they are getting ready to tear it down and replace it with ?????. We do not wnat another Wilson year in our area by Clearendon and Montrose 3 blocks from the Wilson Yard mess.

  2. It's no use fighting the inevitable. It will happen; you will assimilate.

  3. Do you mean, TOC, that we will all turn into scum and vote for Shiller?