Friday, April 24, 2009

Police Activity At The Wilson El

We're hearing from a passenger that there's police activity on the last car of a southbound train stopped at the Wilson station. Twelve police came on board, four with guns drawn. The train is moving again; does anyone know more about what's going on? Please leave any new information in the comments.

Update: A reader reports, "There was an offender who is now in custody on the second from the last car of the Red Line. I am not sure what he did but he is in custody."


  1. ABC/Channel 7 just showed a piece about 'rising ridership/rising crime' and how the CTA will be installing cameras on trains, as they do on some buses.

    Recent crimes have been targeted at sleeping riders, apparently.

  2. I was on the train. A teen aged black kid came on the train holding what appeared to be a gun.

    He was holding it close to his body in both hands. It wasn't until he started to point it in the general direction of the other passengers, that I saw the orange tip and realized it was a toy.

    If I had, had a gun, I probably would have shot him. I was pretty sure it was a real gun.

    There was a general sigh of relief in the car as people realized that the gun he was starting to point at someone, wasn't real.

    He then walked to the rear car.

  3. God I love UU. I now quickly get updates about happenings in Uptown that before would have remained a mystery.