Friday, April 24, 2009

Petition Against Rezoning 4627 N Beacon

A group of concerned citizens has scheduled a tentative meeting with Ald. Shiller to discuss their opposition to the proposed rezoning of 4627 North Beacon. A paper petition, along with an online version, is being circulated for signatures. The online petition reads:

In response to notification of a request by developer Chris Byrne on April 15th, 2008 to rezone the parcel at 4627 N. Beacon Street to R4 status, we have signed this petition against rezoning. At a meeting in 2005, Alderman Shiller indicated she would not agree to rezone the property at that time unless the residents in the area were in a majority of agreement with his request. We still stand against any change to the zoning status of 4627 N. Beacon Street.

If you'd like to add your name to the online petition, go here to sign it.

If you'd like to read the history of this property, and why some members of the community are against rezoning, go here and here and read the comments.


  1. I am so tired of folks who want to look at "pretty houses". The neighborhood is a mixed bag. If preservaton should have been done, it should have been done year's ago.

  2. oh yah - an empty lot or a new McMansion or one of those generic buildings going up all over town is MUCH much better than the oldest surviving house in the Sheridan Park Historic District... that didn't even have anything wrong with it. It maybe needed modernizing but was already Preserved.

    Whoopie... do you know what you're talking about at all?
    Does what you wrote make any sense?

    The neighborhood is a mixed bag BECAUSE people rip down the history of the neighborhood trying to make a quick buck and because people like you don't care.

  3. Pardon my ignorance on this, but can someone clarify what exactly the owner plans to build there? The house is already gone, which is a shame, but there is nothing that can be done about it. But
    if Shiller is against something, doesn't it stand to reason that we evil home owners would be all for it?

  4. Here ya go tfk "The undersigned will file an application for a change in zoning from RS3 to RT4 on behalf of 4627 North Beacon LLC for the property located at 4627 N Beacon. The applicant seeks to build an eight (8) residential unit building with eight (8) parking spaces. The owner of the property is 4627 North Beacon LLC whose business address is 4730 N Dover; Chicago, IL 60640. You can reach Christopher Byrne at 773... if you have any questions."

  5. I am so tired of folks
    saying I am so tired of folks

    if you are so tired of folks why are you talking to folks?

    whoopie wow what a great comment
    you must king of the debate club

    you won the argument i see.

    its a beautiful house and if was knocked down, then its another loss, that sucks

  6. I'd sign that petition.. but is the date correct on it? Was the zone change from '08 or '09?

  7. Ah, good catch, it's probably a mistake - should be 4/15/2009? Can someone confirm?

  8. It's not about folks wanting to look at "pretty houses, " whoopie, it's about maintaining our beautiful architecture for future generations.

    Byrne purchased an historically significant victorian that had been restored at great cost and destroyed it. He reportedly paid a million for it and now wants to make 10 times that amount by building a huge generic complex totally out of character with Beacon Street.

    Its ironic that in his native Ireland he would not be permitted to destroy historical buildings yet as a newcomer to our country he has no respect for ours.

    He ruined the 4700 block of North Dover by destroying two perfectly sound structures and erected a McMansion that is a monument to his greed and bad taste.

    The only good thing to come from it was that Dover St. homeowners and residents banded together and got the street a city landmark designation so that he couldn't destroy any more homes.

    Citizens of Uptown should be concerned enough to sign this petition and to send the word to developers that we don't want tear downs when rehabbing can be done to preserve the character of our community.

    Chicago is known for its beautiful architecture and if we let it all be destroyed we will be guilty of not preserving our own culture.

  9. Don't bother trying to appeal to Chris Byrne. I rent from him and he doesn't even care about his tenants, so I don't think he will care about this petition. Chris is basically a slumlord according I will actually be seeing him in court very soon as he still did not finish my apartment and I've been living here for 6 months already. Along with that he initially lied about the dimensions of the apartment. Before dealing with Chris I HIGHLY advise getting everything in writing as he will take advantage of anything that is not.