Friday, April 24, 2009

Uptown Broadway Building Offers Shared Office Space

We heard from the agents representing the Uptown Broadway Building that they'll be offering one of the floors in the building as a shared office concept, due to the number of requests they're received for smaller office space. So if you know anyone who's looking for a private office with all the amenities already included, in a sunny and spectacularly restored historic building, please send them to Craiglist or have them contact the agent:, 312-334-8394.

There've been more prospective retail tenants looking at the main floor, but nothing's signed yet. The agent feels a tavern license would work best in this building because it will limit the costs of constructing a new kitchen in the space and subsequently having to conform to hundreds of city codes when you implement food. There are also talks going on to turn the basement (speakeasy) floor into a stylish bar/lounge... again, a great vision, but no firm commitment.

If you know anyone who might want to set up in this gorgeous building, please put them in touch with the agent. Or if you can think of a business, store or pub that would fit in well, please write them via their website and suggest they consider the Uptown Broadway Building for their next opening.


  1. Someone should build out a floor, like a cool office space, and charge a few bucks an hour for folks who work from home to come in, use the fax/printers/wifi, grab a snack (nothing prepared onsite), vending machines; cable news - deal with Starbucks if it comes up.

    That someone pulls in some cash, work-from-home patrons expense the fees and get interact with someone other than Anderson Cooper when they work


    Agami opens for lunch and the Broadway stretch is open for business.

    Just because retail won't come doesn't mean you can't cater in the service industry to jump start this particular stretch (gyms, pup-wash places ring a bell?).

    Whoever does this owes me 1% of any/all profits.

  2. Thanks Pete. You owe me 1% of any idea you have anyway. Henry could use another bath.

  3. This is a GREAT idea in the current economy! Kudos to the powers-that-be at the Broadway Building!