Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Fix Wilson Yard Lives To See Another Day:
43, To Be Exact

We just got a note from Molly Phelan, President of Fix Wilson Yard:

"Just to let you know - FWY faced a Motion to Dismiss this morning at the Daley Center filed by the City and the other Wilson Yard Defendants. The FWY attorneys presented a strong case for the five counts of the complaint to survive the Motion. However, despite the strength of the FWY arguments, the judge will not rule on the Motion today. The judge provided a ruling date of May 19th, where she will issue a written ruling on the Motion. She mentioned she will try to provide the ruling sooner, but she currently has five other similar motions for other cases on her desk.

FWY will attempt to get the transcript of the hearing in order to provide you with some quotes from the hearing. Please know that we are working diligently to win this case, but we need money to get to the finish line! Please visit our newly redesigned website at http://www.fixwilsonyard.org/ to make a contribution!

Thank you again for all of your wonderful support!"

1 comment:

  1. Yippee...at the rate construction is going though they could be almost done in 43 days.

    Given that the city has spent or sunk over $ 50 million of TIF money into the Wilson Yard Project its unlikely that Mayor Daley will let it be stopped and have the scandal really blow up.

    Plus lets be honest from Uptowns point of view nothing could be worse for the neighborhood than to be left with a half done construction site which will be preyed upon by drug addicts and whores.

    Anyone who remembers what the parking space and road space around and about the old Aldi looked like will know what I'm talking about. Bunch of beggars, vino's and druggies as well as peddlars selling crap and harassing passerby's. NOT WHAT WE WANT WILSON YARD TO BECOME FOR SURE ! Lord Give us TARGET and we'll be happy,