Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Back On The Market

Remember the proposed SRO by Heartland Alliance to be located at 1470 W. Carmen? That has since fallen through, and then a boutique hotel was planned for the building. That also fell through, and now the entire building is back on the market for a cool $2.3 million. Any takers?


  1. Ah, crud. The hotel developers made a presentation to the Andersonville Chamber & Development Corp to muster support for the zoning change. Even though the 46th ward doesn't ever look to them for input on projects (unlike the other 3 wards we work with), the developer thought it might help.

    Not a big surprise that it fell through. A number of people, experienced and inexperienced, have tried to launch hotels in Edgewater (which includes A-ville) and haven't been able to get the doors open due to "property assembly issues" (financing, zoning, the actual real estate closing, etc). Everyone acknowledges the desperate need for such a venture, though.

    We had the address as 1472 W. Carmen. Is there any possibility that we're talking about two different properties? No? Crud.

  2. "Everyone acknowledges the desperate need for such a venture, though."

    Could you provide more information? Have there been any studies about the unmet demand for lodging in the area? Thanks.