Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Wild Pug Celebrates Marriage Rulings

"This week has been huge for the advancement of equal rights for all gays and lesbians. First the Iowa Supreme Court overturned the State's gay marriage ban. Today, the Vermont Legislature overturned the governor's veto, making marriage an option for gays and lesbians. Wild Pug celebrates the victory tonight. Stop by and celebrate with Shock Top pints for $2.75 and more!"


  1. Jason:
    You seem cool, but you know ...

    It's the least important issue that face America ... unless you're gay.

    Marriage would suck ... unless someone bars you from visiting your partner in an emergency room because you're not 'family,' or if you have just as stable or better a relationship than your straight married neighbors but you don't get any of the more than 1,000 tax benefits they do or if when one of you dies, your estate and assets, as well as pension, social security, etc., go not to your other half, but to your 'blood relatives' or the government.

    I don't want to make some sort of political rant here because I know this isn't exactly the place to do so, but I just thought a friendly reminder of the difference between being able to get married and being able to was in order.

    And who says marriage has to miserable?

    And there's nothing wrong with saying 'the gays.' Certainly better than many other words.

    And I'd like my wedding reception, if ever there is such a thing, to be held at the Holiday Club. (Heck, maybe by then there will be a nice party area for rent at the Uptown Theatre!)

  2. Rock on, James, rock on.

    Not sure when America decided to have Jason be the voice of our priorities, but I'm sure glad that's only in his own mind.

    Statements like "I don't care about gay rights because they have the same rights as anyone else" only shows Jason's ignorance of the issue. If you'd like to educate yourself, Jason, there are 1,138 rights that are denied to gay couples, here's a list of some of them:


  3. I know when my partner of 8+ years died that I didn't have a right to the autopsy or his remains.

  4. Thanks for the link Marathonman...very informative.

  5. *I just don't understand why gays would want to be part of an institution that makes them miserable!

    Marriage would suck!*

    This is a joke I stole from Jay Leno or Letterrman or someone, I guess it is all in the delivery.

    *I can believe people are so bored with their lives that they have to fight against the rights of gays to marry in a secular society.*

    Meaning, the people who try to pass anti-gay laws are retarded, and they should mind thier own business. It makes no sense to me how someone could be worried that somebody else is gay, I mean, who cares?

    *I don't care about gay rights because they have the same rights as anyone else.*

    I guess now that I look at it, this above statement can be read wrong.

    So I will try to clarify.

    I believe essentially that human rights cannot be taken away by goverment. WE give THE GOVERNMENT rights. There are no such thing as gay rights, minority rights, women's rights, handicap rights, etc. They are all human rights. So really, nobody should care about "gay rights" because they have the same human rights of all of us.

    Now of course, not everybody agrees with this, so crazy people pass laws banning certain things to certain groups. So you get the list mentioned by marathon man. (BTW, I took a class on this under Justice Kennedy, so I am a little educated on this.Not that he agrees with me either, but I digress.)

    I hope this clarifies it a bit.
    That is what I meant.

    Bradley, that really sucks and I am sorry to hear that.

    Bye for now.......

  6. Jason, I just have one issue with your post that others haven't covered.

    Hamms? Really?!!!

    Really, Hamms is your beverage of choice? Really?

    And you think encouraging gay people to join you at Driftwood to celebrate marriage rulings is somehow enhanced by Hamms? Really?

    $1.50 a can? Really? You really drink this stuff? Really?

    Not married? ........ Hamms? .........$1.50 a can ........ You think gays will follow you to a straight bar with the the encouragement from a $1.50 can of Hamms?