Thursday, April 2, 2009

Earth Hour Extended On Racine?

A frustrated reader writes in regarding the street lights still being out on Racine and dealing with an indecent exposure:
"The whole block is dark yet again! Tuesday I called the police on a homeless gentleman "relieving" himself in front of our building. The dispatcher so kindly told me the police will do nothing unless caught in the act, regardless of the fact I witnessed it and could describe the man in full detail. It was approximately 3pm. Unbelievable! Would love to see how Shiller would react to someone peeing in front of her house..."


  1. We had a three weeks with no street lights on Clifton and Racine south of Wilson. It took...
    -Call 311 and get a report #, use this # to track the calls
    -Call your neighbors have have everyone call 311
    -Call the office of Streets and Sanitation
    -Call Commander Boehmer's office
    -Call the Commissioner of Electricity and file a report

  2. According to police they don't need to see the violation to issue a citation IF you are willing to sign it. All a citation needs to be valid is a signature, if that is YOU and not a policeman it is valid. If you call the cops about public drinking and are willing to sign the citation they will issue those, too.

  3. I am sorry the 911 operator did not take your call as seriously as you would hope. What she told you is not my experience. I have witnessed many people urinating in my alley. Finally I had enough and when it happened again I called 911 repeatedly to explain the situation and followed the person as they slowly made there way out of the alley. When the police did come I spoke to them in a confident but respectful manor and told them I was going to sign a complaint and go to court as I saw the offense, this same person did it on a regular basis and I was not going to tolerate it around my home and children anymore. They issued a citation and a court date. But it was a lot of work on my end for sure. But has not happened again, so in my mind was worth it!