Thursday, April 23, 2009

Dangerous Sewer Hole

A reader writes about a dangerous situation:

"Location: Just south of Lawrence on Winthrop, adjacent to the parking lot for the Aragon, on the east side of the street. This has been getting worse and is actually worse than pictured. A small person or a child can fit underneath the sewer and travel horizontally at least 20 feet. I have called 311 for 3 years, filled up the hole as best as possible, but it’s out of control....

I have called Shiller’s office 2 times and they immediately put new cones up, but no work has been done, ever. All the water from the parking lot flows into the hole rather than the sewer, so the hole gets bigger and bigger."


  1. What's the actual address that the reader gives as the location, the actual street address? Just identifying it as Winthrop, just south of Lawrence isn't going to fly with 311.

  2. According to the Cook County Assessors website, the address for this property (the parking lot) is:

    4753 N Winthrop Ave

    PIN: 14-17-202-001-0000

    and it was listed as a "gas station"

  3. Thanks. I knew that the address of the lot was 4753, I just wondered what the approximate address of the sewer was.

    I'm not trying to shoot the messenger, but I'm a regular at my beat's CAPS meeting and I've never heard this issue brought up. Reader........a little help here?

  4. I would safely assume that if you specify the address, and as it has been reported it is on the east side of Winthrop, that there is only about 50 feet of parking lot frontage that they would have to walk in order to find it. But then again.... we are talking about City Employees, and they will have to take a donut break every 5 feet, and then come back next week with 4 other employees to try and figure out what to do with it ... put a work order in, and if we are lucky have to fixed by the end of Fall LMAO.