Friday, March 27, 2009

Racine Streetlights Out -- Yet Again

A reader writes: "Just a heads up that the ENTIRE BLOCK of streetlights on Racine, between Wilson and Leland, has been out for the last few days. It originally started with one light out, now it’s the whole block. We contacted the Alderman’s office and 311 a few times but nothing yet (no reply) so hopefully they are working on it today."

Funny how this happens only at the end and beginning of the month.


  1. Call 311 and let them know that the entire block is out. That seems to get a quicker response than individual street lights.

    Let there be light!

  2. You also might want to keep a log of what days the lights are out. We had a similar problem on our street. We would call 311 but by the time they came out the lights were back on. Finally when we could explain that they were on and then off for several days and then back on. They referred us to another phone number for electricity management. I believe they found a bad photocell that turns on the lights when it gets dark.

  3. 311 was called by us three times this week. We were told the first time we called that there were already a couple of calls made that night.
    Around noon today I noticed that the lights are on including the light in the middle of the street that was out for about a week.