Friday, March 27, 2009

Gang Initiation Season Has Begun

Spring in Uptown: While it means many good things are happening, it also means it's the beginning of Gang Initiations. We've gotten several reports that it's already begun.

Be alert, be aware! Call 911 if you see something happening or you think something's about to happen. Above all, be safe!

One reader: "Only 5 days into spring and my wife and I just witnessed what appeared to be a gang of about 8 or 9 guys jumping another guy on Magnolia between Leland and Lawrence. We called 911 right away. The gang ran away out of sight south on Magnolia and soon after a white/silver van peeled away with what we believe were the culprits."

Another reader: "Last night there was a gang attack and beating on Magnolia just south of Lawrence around 5:30 p.m. or so. I witnessed a group of approximately 16 black males chasing an individual black male (most appeared to be in teens, with a few perhaps in their early 20's, and some were carrying backpacks as if they were on their way home from school). They ran west on the north side of Leland and the north on Magnolia. The group caught the individual towards the north end of Magnolia just south of Lawrence and started beating him in the middle of the street, punching and kicking him in a flurry. The group stopped, and started walking south on Magnolia, with some picking up the pace. By the time they got to Wilson, a police cruiser showed up so they all scattered and ran away. I snapped off a few pics with my cell phone and showed the police. They told me they can't do anything because they don't have a victim and that was pretty much the end of it."


  1. From our beloved Alderman's website:

    This Saturday, March 28 you are invited to join millions around the world to take action against global climate change by turning off your lights for one hour at 8:30 p.m.

    Help raise awareness about energy efficiency and global climate change through this simple action.

    With it being gang initiation season, a Saturday night and decent(ish) weather forecasted, I'd highly recommend that people take extra caution between the hours of 8:30p and 9:30p.

    I'm sure the Latin Kings, et al, have a few issues they're planning to raise awareness to, as well.

  2. Best decision I ever made was to not live in Uptown.


  3. What is this? Bash Uptown month?

    First Joe Moore insults our Aldi.

    Then, Wilson [the Uptown slumlord?] rants not only about Uptown's "undesirables", but the alderman and the people who are too whiney to see the "progress" that will be Wilson Yard. (I'm still trying to wrap my mind around this unique perspective!!)

    Now, massnerder says that their best decision ever-EVER!-was not to live in Uptown.

    All these comments from people who don't live here made me think. Why don't we let the people who actually live here have some influence and control over what happens here???!!! Who is with me in saying that we have had enough of the chicago machine, suburban slumlords, suburban developers and idealogues all having more say than the people who call this place home?

    I am so sick of people bashing Uptown and calling my home a slum. We could be such a successful diverse community if the people who actually lived here had some say in what is going on. I've always held out hope that the current powers might change their tune and help organize this place around common ground. Now I am just looking forward to the next election. It is feeling too far away.

    peace, love, unity, uptown

  4. I'd rather live here (UPTOWN!) than in Rogers Park. Haters going to hate, and lovers going love. And I love me some Uptown.

  5. I too saw a beating on Magonolia across from Starbucks. about 6 on one guy. I yelled HeY!...Stop it!

    and they stopped and took off south on Magnolia...I later saw them on appears that's where they were living between Magnolia and the next street West in an apartment building.

    There was one particularly distinct looking guy with black horn rimmed glasses, short and muscular who looked like ..what' i'd describe as a "good student"...he seemed to be directing the other tall hoodies...

    it was peculiar.

    This was one week ago...

    Maybe somebody is establishing a new gang.

    At least no one is shooting.

  6. I predict that the violence caused by gang warfare in the city will, in fact, be worse than what we saw last year. Police dissatisfaction is on the rise, yet nothing seems to be in the works regarding their satisfaction level with their superiors and their work environment. Additionally, the police are afraid to speak out about the issues that are really troubling them for fear of losing their jobs in this economy (I've been told this myself from two police detectives on the force), and thus I'm afraid this motivational issue is not going to get better, but rather worse. Yes, the gangs are already out and about and teh weather has not even broken. Last week, 20 juveniles (between the ages of 13 and 21)held a teenage girl down in the middle of the day while smashing her face in (with their fists)in front of my car at an intersection at Windsor and Sheridan. I tried honking my horn to break it up, but it did not cause a stir. I called 911. Several adults witnessed the attack. One eventually came over but could not break it up for several minutes. My car was stuck at the intersection as the beat down was taking place in front of my car., and I decided that it was best not to get out of my car until the police came, as I was assaulted last year by these juvenile's parents for getting involved when one of them smashed another's head in with a brick in front of my house. The police did not come. Mark my words, it's going to be a very violent year this year. Be prepared.

  7. The "student looking" one with the horned rimmed glasses has been banging in this neighborhood for quite a while. He lives in the 4700 block of Beacon.