Friday, March 27, 2009

Youth Bike Safety Fair

Call the 23rd District Community Policing Office for more information (312-744-0064).


  1. Let's hope they teach those older than 12 to get their butts off the sidewalk. How many near misses at building corners have to happen before they get it? Sidewalk riding is for children.

    As long as I live I will never cease being amazed at the lack of consideration we show toward our fellow man in this.

  2. Chuck:

    I used to get mad about people riding their bikes on the sidewalks, and also riding the wrong direction on one-way streets.

    Then I realized that, short of a police state, it's impossible to stop such behavior.

    The best course is to be aware that some bicyclists feel the need and right to ride this way. Try to correct them, and they will likely react defensively and self righteously, a la "I'm doing my part to be green, blah, blah, blah."

    That said, learning to choose your battles is the preferred method of getting through life with minimal hassles.

  3. Have you tried riding your bicycle on the streets in Chicago?! As an avid bicyclist and former bicycle commuter, I can tell that it a frightening prospect at best. Because of this, I do not have a big problem with bicycles on sidewalks as long as the riders realize who has the right of way - the pedestrian.

    The bad riding habit that drives me crazy is running through stop signs and stop lights. There is no reason for it, it is dangerous, and it weakens the argument that bicyclists should be treated like other vehicles on the road (which they should).

  4. Now that I have posted my rant about bicycling, I want to congratulate Uptown Bikes for helping with the event. Not only is it an amazing bike shop with great people working there, but it also an active member of the community.

    Great job, Uptown Bikes!

  5. Cebolinha - You can't say you're an avid cyclist, former commuter, afraid of riding in chicago, and condone sidewalk riding all in the same breath. As someone who moves entirely by bicycle through this city, the idea of the terrifying city streets baffles me. Sure, it's busy and you need to pay attention just like every other method of transportation in the city but you should not be encouraging people to ride on the sidewalks. If people are that afraid of the street, then they need to be walking or taking the bus.

    Another thing, stop the typical car-brained statements about blowing through stop signs and stop lights. Show me an idiot who does this with any danger to themselves or others and I'll show you someone who won't last very long out there. There's no reason to stop at windsor and hazel everytime I pass through it just because there's a stop sign. nine of out ten times if you're riding on streets that are intelligent to ride on, stop signs and stop lights are empty. In fact Portland OR is trying to pass a law to allow this very type of behaviour, because it's senseless to stop a bicycle when there is no right of way to yield. When another object has right of way, then yes, the bicycle should stop, but other than that, stop whining.

  6. Conipto- I was not encouraging people to ride on the sidewalks, I was saying that I did not have a problem with it as long as the bicyclist gave the right of way to the pedestrian. Bicycles should be on the road, not on the sidewalk. However, there are certain places (the underpass at Irving Park and Marine comes to mind) where sidewalks are not a bad option.

    Just like every other vehicle in the city, bicycles have to follow the rules of the road. One of those rules is to stop at signs and stop lights.

  7. Nothing beats the well-educated hipsters riding fixies without a helmet, while drinking coffee and scanning their iPhone at the same time. Run them over (well not literally, just scare them).

    As far as everyone else, just look at the way people drive and it explains why people ride bicycles the way they do. Humans weren't wired to travel with anything but our own two feet...:)

    BTW, kudos to Uptown Bikes. We are really lucky to have a shop like that here. I've found their mechanics to be better than those at shops that sell $10K bikes.

    And in a final thought, I avoid the Lakefront path from April to September (it's great for biking when it's below freezing). I feel safer biking in the city and suburbs on the streets...:)