Thursday, March 5, 2009

News-Star Sold To Inside Publications

Sad news for News-Star readers. The publication has been sold to Inside Publications, which publishes "Inside," the free weekly covering Lincoln Square and North Center. Editor Lorraine Swanson's future is still in the air and we wish her the best in whatever endeavor she chooses. Read all about it at Michael Miner's "News Bites" here.
Read the News-Star Web-Extra that was just issued here.

Update: In its article on the sale, Crain's says "Inside Publications has no immediate plan to change the News-Star or Booster." We can only hope....


  1. Bummer. I hope they still cover the local area with the same flair.

    Lorraine Swanson is great she will catch on somewhere if this doesn't work out.

  2. It's tough out there for journalists and journalism.

    I've enjoyed Lorraine Swanson's work covering politics from Uptown to Rogers Park.

    I wish her the best and hope she stays on at "Inside".

    It's difficult to get the big two newspapers to even acknowledge that anything exists north of Lincoln Park. Oh, I'm sorry I forgot about Wrigleyville.

    Without journalists like her all that will be left is the subpoenaed bloggers to cover local affairs consistently.

    You have to figure the political hacks would love to see newspapers go the way of Chip's beloved Sarah Palin. Somewhere cold and forgotten.