Thursday, March 5, 2009

News-Star: "Residents Left Wanting More From Dominick's"

Lots of information in this story about the residents' recent meeting with Dominick's about the new store plans:

- "While residents overall were pleased to see an improved and expanded Dominick's store remaining in the neighborhood, many expressed concerns about traffic congestion from cars entering and exiting the store, as well as CTA bus service. Residents also asked for more handicapped parking spaces, a traffic study and a cover over the rooftop parking lot."

- "Residents also learned that construction for the new Admiral By the Lake, a 31-story retirement residential tower located on Foster across the street from the Dominick's store, has been delayed until 2010."

- "Smith's office is collecting residents' comments on the Dominick's plans, which company officials claim will be an anchor and flagship store for the 5200 block of N. Sheridan. Smith's zoning and planning committee is tentatively set to vote whether to approve the store plans at its March 25 meeting, although those attending the Margate meeting requested that the vote be postponed until April."

- "Miller said there are no prospective buyers for the lots adjacent to the existing store, which will be used as a staging area during construction. Residents also asked Miller if Dominick's plans to ask for TIF funding from the Hollywood-Sheridan TIF District. 'There are no plans to apply for TIF funding at this time,' Miller said."

Get all the information in the complete story.


  1. No TIF money? New development? Go for it. Bring the traffic, please!

  2. Doesn't Dominicks understand that TIF money is free? Just demand it and the city shall giveth away. Claim that you can't possibly do the work without the money and if you don't get it you'll have to close the store and layoff workers. This is free money that Dominicks is passing up, not a smart move on their part. They've got to learn to play the game the way Target does.

  3. Covered roof?? Gee I would be happy for just a nice grocery store.

  4. 5200 block of N. Foster.


  5. 5200 block of N. Foster should read Sheridan. We fixed our "UU Boo-Boo."

  6. Crew Dude -
    A covered roof is likely going to happen due to LEED point requirements for using materials of minimum reflectance to minimize the heat-island effect in LEED certified buildings. If they would like to get really fancy, they can use solar cells for the roof over parking - they can get another point if it's more that 35% of the power used by the building.

  7. Why isn't there low income housing included in this plan?

    Oh sorry, wrong ward.

  8. There are no plans to apply for TIF funding at this time

    I, and I'm sure plenty of other tax paying residents of Chicago thank you, sir.

    "Why isn't there low income housing included in this plan?"

    Because, despite her love for elephants and occasionally curious policies, Smith isn't an abject moron.

    Ah ... the grass is actually greener on the other side of Lawrence.

  9. But... where will the "firefighters and teachers" live? hahaha