Thursday, March 5, 2009

Buena Bunnies Are Back

BUENA PARK NEIGHBORS is pleased to announce the EIGHTH ANNUAL BUENA BUNNIES event. Yes, the widely acclaimed Buena Bunnies is back for its eighth year and you don’t want to miss it! Please join BPN members, neighbors and friends in the Nick’s Uptown pool room on Sunday, March 29, from 3:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. Nick’s Uptown is located at 4015 North Sheridan Road.

Bring an empty basket, (or two or three), Easter treats; little stuffed snuggly things or anything else creative that will make your Easter basket one that every bunny (or child) will love. Make sure you bring your own cellophane to hold all the goodies in your basket(s)! Come help us break last year’s record of 80+ baskets!

All of your creations get donated to St Mary of the Lake Church in Buena Park for their annual Easter basket giveaway to the neighborhood children.

One prize will be awarded to the coolest basket in the annual and highly competitive BEST BUENA BUNNIES BASKET CONTEST. We are pleased to announce that this year’s guest judge is Lorraine Swanson, Editor of the News-Star.


  1. Was not Nick's one of the latest contributors to Shillers campaign in the last report? Just curious....

  2. They were ..., however, when discussing campaign "contributions" from 46th ward businesses, it's good to keep in mind the possibility of coercion from ... um ... political entities.

    Not to imply that has happened in this case, just that such a circumstance should be considered.

    From what I can see, Nick's has a history of giving at least a little somethin/somethin back to the community.

    ... baby/bath water ...(?).

  3. Nick's has been extremely supportive of community activities when it does not have to be. I think you can look at business campaign contributors in the same way you can look at all those businesses that put up Shiller signs during election time. It does not necessarily mean they support or even respect her. But to say no means that even basic things they need from her to remain a functional business would be delayed on purpose or ignored. I remember asking one business that I frequent during the last election why they had a Shiller sign up. The owner stated he very much disliked her and the little she did to help his business but was afraid he would go out of business if his license was ever put on hold. Anyone remember businesses that speak out about her getting “Extra Attention” from City Inspectors. I imagine it is often cheaper to give her a couple of hundred dollars rather than spend a day or a week fixing minor problems that another inspection finds.

  4. Uptown Veg,,,, with that line of thinking, every business would be contributing ... and that, fact in point, is not the case...

    Sorry, that argument is just not valid. It is, IMHO, a cop out excuse

  5. No sign at all is better than a Shiller sign. It may be a tough sell, but these businesses need to stand up for what they believe and stop contributing to Shiller just to keep status quo. If that crap would stop we'd probably be even closer to ousting her.

  6. Supes and Kitty, while ideologically, you're both dead on - on a practical level is that even possible?

    If a local business owner is faced with the choice of "pony up" or face consequences (ie, licenses, zoning, inspections and the like), do they really have an option?

    I can't rightly fault a business for going along to get along. If it were my business, I may be forced to do the same thing.

    The real matter at hand is how to prevent this from happening?

    (If, in fact, it is happening, at all. I don't doubt it, but without proof, we're dealing in conjecture)

    Or, maybe better worded - how can we help protect these businesses?

    It would be nice to know when these types of things occur so that the public could respond/react; however, I can also see the business owners fearing backlash for going public.

    Then again, maybe a good number of those businesses which donate to Helen do so because they actually support her.

    We should support those business who do not support her, and ignore those which do.

    Too bad it's difficult to tell the difference, some times.

  7. OMG folks. I have been doing this project (as the creator) since 2000Since 2000, we have been making Easter Baskets for children at Nick's. Nick has been extremely supportive of BPN, its projects etc.

    We make Easter Baskets and donate them to St. Mary of the Lake church to give away to locale families. Sometimes its NOT about the bigger picture. I'm really sorry but I normally never post, and while I certainly have my strong opinions about our Alderman, this discussion under a project that we hold very dear that benefits children, hosted by a man who is very civically supportive is absolutely ludicris. I've said all I intend to say on the subject.

    Ellen, BPN Vice President.

  8. How does a story about donating easter candy etc devolve into a discussion about Shiller extortion?

  9. "How does a story about donating easter candy etc devolve into a discussion about Shiller extortion?"

    Everything around here devolves into discussions of Shiller.

    She's brought that agony on all of us.

    Regardless, I plan on raiding Walgreens on March 29th and dragging my loot over to Nick's and fire me up some Easter baskets.

    No offense, Ellen, but 80 seems a little low.

    If a good number of UU readers took a little time, and dropped a little bit of coin, we could easily crack the triple digits, don'tcha' think?

  10. I know Nick and I have a great deal of respect for him. He cares about the neighborhood and gives generously to events that help people in the area.

    For those of you who want real change in Chicago politics, keep making your voice known about allowing the City Inspector General the right to investigate aldermen and their staff for alleged abuse. It also goes without saying to vote for candidates who advocate for transparency, campaign reform, and inclusion of the residents in matters that directly affect them.

  11. It's wrong to turn this Uptown Holiday tradition into an anti-Helen post. I want nothing to do with such negativity.

  12. Well I must say I am sorry to have started the negative line of thinking. My only point was that this is a good cause and Nick has been very supportive of it for several years, a several other ones by the way. So maybe cut him a little slack for giving donations to Lady Helen as he does own several businesses in her ward and does want to keep them up and running without any major problems.