Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Traffic Light Coming To Montrose & Clifton

We've heard several reports of a traffic light being installed at Montrose and Clifton. Is this somehow related to the upcoming Truman College Parking Garage?


  1. Lets all have a moment of silence for the passing of one of the only clear roads left in the city.

    Montrose you will be missed. It was only last year I could ride down you with no contructions trucks pulling out in front of me, no giant green fencing hanging over your smooth mulberry covered sidewalk, and no traffic lights from Magnolia to Broadway.

    RIP Montrose.

  2. I am hoping that this light is being installed because of the sidewalk issue on Montrose - closure on the north side, east of the L, due to Wilson Yard construction, and closure on the south side, west of the L, due to the Graceland Cemetery wall repairs. Right now it is very unsafe to walk between Magnolia & Broadway because you have to cross the street w/o a traffic light or stop sign.

    My understanding is that it is supposed to be the kind of traffic signal that will stay green until a pedestrian presses a button in order to cross.

    Is installation imminent? Where did you get this news?

  3. "Is installation imminent? Where did you get this news?"

    From a guy of this guy whos cousin I beat up.

    But seriously, I drove by and saw it. A little birdie told me it may be because of the new tax funded truman college garage.

    The gift that keeps on giving.

  4. According to last summers presentation the only access to trumans garage is supposed to be from Wilson. This was very important to residents on Racine south of Truman.

  5. so were gonna have 3 stop lights within a 2 block span of road?...that sounds awesome

  6. We've lived by Montrose for 8 years and watched our sidewalks disappear, our bus route moved to Wilson, and the summer traffic rival Alddison when the Cub's are playing.

    We need a legit traffic study done for Montrose from LSD to Clark that includes the dangerous intersection at Broadway and Sheriden.

    The sham traffic study for Wilson Yard was conducted in November during the week! How about a study during peak summer traffic?

    The Maryville development is also going to bring more congestion. The block clubs should be taking the lead on this request

  7. Here's a great recipe I found for "Wilson Yard Traffic Jam":

    1 - Add One Part Target Parking Garage Exit traffic

    2 - Add One Part Wilson Yard Family Housing Parking Garage Exit traffic

    3 - Add Two Parts Truman College Parking Garage Exit traffic

    4 - Add One Part CTA Park & Ride Parking Lot Exit traffic

    5 - Add Wilson Yard Senior Building Resident and Employee Parking Garage Exit traffic

    6 - Add Summer Beach traffic and shake vigrorously

    7 - Heat to 400 degrees until the critical mass is steamed or at least at the boiling point

    8 - Garnish the resulting mixture with MediCar Vans and Ambulances for the Wilson Yard Senior Building when, unfortunately, senior residents are injured, become ill, etc. These vehicles will presumeably block Westbound traffic at the front door as they wait for the paramedics to treat and wheel the patients to the vehichle, forcing traffice to either wait in line or fight oncoming traffic in the other lane to pull around.

    Store in a cool place (although it will ruin that cool place completely)

    Serves One (Alderman Shiller)

  8. "Store in a cool place (although it will ruin that cool place completely)"

    LOL, Zesty!

  9. Let's face it.....lately it seems the ONLY safe place to be in Uptown is in a car, whizzing by at 30 mph.

    I can't imagine the future scenario at Montrose and Broadway.

    It's so odd to ponder about it.....but what will that future WY corner be like????

  10. I believe that the traffic light is being installed as a pedestrian light. And will probably operate as magnolia describes. Since it is well known that drivers do not stop for pedestrians unless there is a light, this is necessary due to the construction blocking both sidewalks on Montrose. I am as against Wilson Yard as the next guy, but I really do not think that this light has anything to do with it. I am really glad that the alderman's office listened to the people who complained about the lack of a safe way to walk on Montrose. I have been close to being hit by a car trying to cross Montrose to get to Challenger park. I can not run across and risk my life because I usually have a two year old and/or a dog.