Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Lost Orange Cat - Reward

Uptown Update has a good record in reuniting lost pets with their owners. Please keep an eye out for Kinley! His owner writes:

Lost Saturday 1/31 near Clark and Bryn Mawr. Friendly male cat, 15 lbs., 4 years old. Orange-and-white with distinctive swirl markings. There are scratches behind one of his ears. He is not wearing a collar. He is microchipped. His name is Kinley. He is VERY PRECIOUS to me and needs to come home!

PLEASE call (773) 334-XXXX. Thank you.

Update: Kinley's owner writes in:

"Thanks – he has been found! He is being hospitalized but it looks hopeful. I appreciate your help!"


  1. I will keep my eye out for sure.

  2. Aww......I hope the cat is found.

    It's so nasty this winter, I've fed the wild bunnies that make an appearance in the front yard.

  3. There are a few random cats that show up on the porch behind my apartment (I put food out for them). I'll keep an eye out. I live near Glenwood and Winnemac.