Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Racine & Wilson, 1951

As you can see from this 1951 postcard, the corner of Racine and Wilson has changed a lot. After researching a bit, we are pretty sure this view is showing the northwest corner of Racine and Wilson, which now is home to the Uptown Fire Department (see Google map below). The hotel address is listed as 4606 N. Racine which would put it on the west side of the street. Thanks to the reader who found this and many other Uptown-centric postcards on the "Digital Past" website.

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  1. While this "sweetie" is on his "college campus" I'm going to look at this corner and imagine the serenity of Uptown. (with one eye open so as to know when to duck the gunfire.)

  2. It is the northwest corner of Racine and Wilson.

    The Lake County Museum does have some great images. Uptown United had someone go up there a few years ago and got permission to make copies of everything Uptown-related in the collection; you can probably contact them for more info.

    Here's another view of the Lafayette.

    Jazz Age Chicago also has info on Uptown's residential hotels.

  3. The picture looks beautiful but given the current state of our leadership in the ward that may not be the case should the building still exist. With that in mind, I am glad a firehouse stands there, as it will always be a safe place for anyone who finds themselves in trouble on that block.

  4. I thought this was cool on that site... The Winona at Winona and Broadway. This looks a lot like the old restaurant across Winona from the Dunkin Donuts, but I am not sure if it is the same building.,A,1;title,A,1;subjec,A,0;descri,200,0;0,A,0;10&CISOBIB=title,A,1,N;subjec,A,0,N;descri,K,0,N;0,A,0,N;0,A,0,N;10&CISOTHUMB=2,5&CISOTITLE=10

  5. KenCondoPres--It is the same building. It's gone through a lot of incarnations and name changes over the years. Here's a postcard of what it looked like as a one-story builing (and a later photograph of the same): Winona and Broadway.