Saturday, February 14, 2009

More TIF Transparency Coming Soon?

From Clout City:
Over the last two decades Chicago’s tax increment financing program has reaped billions of dollars in public money that ended up in special-use accounts controlled almost exclusively by Mayor Richard M. Daley, with almost no public oversight. For years the Chicago Reader's Ben Joravsky was the only reporter to complain. Now the Reader's dogged coverage of this issue is being dropped at Daley's door.

Two frustrated aldermen are now calling for some major reforms of the TIF program, and they’re starting by taking on the oversight issue.
First Ward alderman Manny Flores and 32nd Ward alderman Scott Waguespack introduced a proposal at the City Council meeting Wednesday requiring that full documentation of TIF deals be posted online in a “comprehensive and usable fashion.” If passed the ordinance would mandate that by the end of this year the city post every specific agreement, amendment, attachment, order, audit, and record for every use of money from Chicago’s roughly 160 TIF districts. Continue Reading


  1. Thanks for the links Trey! We encourage our readers to contact these Aldermen to voice their support.

  2. Yes, by all means thank Ald. Flores & Waguespack for this initiative.

    But gang - they're already on board! The heavy lifting is contacting the other 48. Please write to your alderman in support of this proposal! Thanks!

    Ward & Alderman List

  3. I friended Scott Waguespack through Facebook and that's how I first heard about this initiative. From what I have read from him, I am incredibly delighted by his presence on City Council.

  4. this seems to be a better link for Scott Waguespack


  5. Although I do not live in either of the these two Alderman's wards, I think it is important that they hear that tax paying citizens support what they are doing. Sending them an email is easy enough to do just to let them know that I am aware of the TIF issue in Chicago and support any ideas to improve transparency.

  6. if you write to Ald. Flores or Waguespack be sure to ask how you can help with this initiative

  7. I tried to submit a comment to Ald. Waguespack using the link Andy G posted, but I'm getting an error message when I try to submit. Instead you can just email him at