Saturday, February 14, 2009

"Joseph R. Kerwin, Alderman, 46th Ward"

Thanks to UU reader "Miss Kitty" for spreading the word about this ghost sign, located just a half block east of the intersection of Addison and Ashland, far from the current boundaries of the 46th Ward.

With a little research, we learned that Democrat Joe Kerwin was 46th Ward alderman from 1963-1971. He was redistricted out of the 46th Ward into the 44th Ward in 1970 and chose not to run again. He passed away at age 51 in 1975.

We think it's really cool that this little bit of 46th Ward history survives, far from the current ward's location.


  1. Hi George-
    You were providing a lot of info on something not related to this post. We ask that you post your info in the UU forum for everyone to read and further discuss there. Thanks.

  2. What I think is hilarious about this is that the Illinois General Assembly is looking at legislation that would eliminate the posting of a state official's name on road signs, such as, ahem, the open road tolling lanes on the tollway. I completely support this concept, in part because it's a waste of money and resources to have to change these signs when the incumbent leaves office.

    Apparently, in the 1960's, no one thought much of the aldermen posting their names on street signs like this one. It's one thing for IDOT to replace signs on major highways entering the state when we change governors, but for the city to have to change every "Slow Down for Children" and lord knows how many other signs in each and every ward is a whole other thing entirely.

  3. Darn, sad to see that part of the sign has now been covered by a plastic utility wire sheild ;-( Thanks for posting though!