Sunday, February 8, 2009

Court Advocates Needed Monday, February 9th

A reader writes: "Where Peter met Helen?

I just thought that your readers might like to know that this building located at 1325 W Wilson is going to be in Housing Court at the Daley Center on Monday, February 9th at 9:30am in Courtroom 1103.

The management company that is listed on the outside is Circle Management. It's my understanding that the building is in housing court for code violations. I live near this building and there seem to be cops there all the time."

If you live near this building or are concerned by this building, please consider attending as a court advocate on Monday at the Daley Center at 9:30am, Room 1103.


  1. I noticed yesterday that the sidewalk and street in front of this building are trashed. It literally looks like a third world country. Worst conditions I have seen in 5 years.

    I would love to go, but I am working a gig 10:30-2:30.

    There are good people in this building (Fred, Barbara, Leonard,to name a few) They deserve a clean place to live.

    Come on Helen, why not fight for these people to enjoy a clean safe place to live?

  2. The link to the Sun Times article on this post mentions that Peter Holsten's company is landlord of this building. This could be old information, of course.

    Does anyone know if Peter Holsten's company is currently landlord of the Norman Hotel in this picture?

    If so, the other obvious question is: Are we witnessing the struggle that the community is about to face with the Wilson Yard housing?

    I would think Peter Holsten would be on his absolute best behavior right now as a property owner/landlord. The Norman Hotel isn't charging us taxpayers over $400,000.00 in construction cost per unit or providing any new potential voters, but the good people Chip and others know in the building are no less deserving of a safe place to live.

    This post also mentions police activity. Does anyone know what efforts are being done to address crime in/around this building? In other words, is the landlord (possibly Holsten) working in conjunction with the police? Have they installed cameras in the lobby and near the front door like other buildings have installed? What kind of tenant screening is being done? Is the landlord an active CAPS participant? How is the lighting surrounding the building? Is there any building security staffing?

    I do realize that crime and code violations are two separate issues. Both, however, are part of being a good landlord and a good neighbor. Since Holsten is recieving millions of taxpayer dollars, I believe that we all have a vested interest in whether his company is both a good neighbor and a good landlord.

  3. OK, Hugh's response may have answered one of my questions. I assume "tapped out 9/29/98" means that they are not currently the landlord of the Norman Hotel. Either way, the other questions would apply to anyone who is currently landlord of the building.

    Hugh's post:


    Peter M. & Debra A. Holsten acquired the Norman Hotel 1325 W Wilson AKA 4557 N Beacon PIN 14-17-116-001 on 6/1/87 and tapped out 9/29/98 after an atrocious record of more than a decade of water arrears, mechanics liens, and court judgments. Now he is the City's darling subsidized housing contractor.

    I wonder of the Chicago Public Library's most excellent archive of Chicago newspapers had a hand in this post."

  4. That's judge Lynch! haha.