Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Tribune Admits Wilson Yard Exists

Well, that didn't take long, did it?

Questions plague plans for Uptown's Wilson Yard: Project has moved slowly, amid lawsuits that say its funding is illegal and questions over whether it will help community

Read the story here. Comments are open.


  1. It looks like our letters to the Trib had some effect. I intend to write a nice letter and urge them to do some in depth investigation.

  2. Contact Kass he loves this kind of stuff.

  3. This report is a fluff piece for Holsten and the City.

    It might as well have been written by Marilyn Katz herself. It reads like a press release.

    1) Concerned citizen supporting Holsten, said to be active in the community
    2) Some facts about the project
    3) some facts about the neighborhood
    4) FWY
    5) Shiller/Holsten rebuttal
    6) Return of the concerned citizen supporting Holsten

  4. Yes, not much of an article. Maybe we could get Blago to threaten the tribune....