Wednesday, January 28, 2009

News-Star: "Trial Date Set!"

Wilson Yard lawsuit goes to court on May 5

By Ellen Thompson, Contributing Reporter

Activists hoping to shape the future of the largest undeveloped tract on the North Side learned last week that their suit has been scheduled for trial in May.

Real estate attorney Thomas Ramsdell and co-counsel Champ Davis, representing the grassroots community organization Fix Wilson Yard, told a group of more than 100 Uptown residents gathered for a benefit at the Annoyance Theater on Jan. 19 that their landmark suit will go before a judge on May 5. At that time, the Fix Wilson Yard attorneys will also seek a preliminary injunction to halt construction at the Wilson Yard redevelopment site.

Read the entire article here, including Holsten's admission that the retail component of Wilson Yard (i.e., the businesses that are going to turn around Uptown's fortunes) are Subway, AT&T Cellular, a game store and nail salon. Wow! Dream big, Peter.


  1. Game Stop: two blocks north.

    Subway: right around the corner from WY.

    Nail salon: yes, Uptown is in desperate need of ANOTHER nail salon.

    Tmobile: Broadway.

    Their plan ain't for sh*t.

    They know it.

    We know it.

    Everyone knows it.

  2. Moreover...are these new businesses or just relocations?

  3. Actually, these are probably just more lies from Peter. He's had how many years to cobble up retailers for this project and this is what he comes up with?

    I remember him suggesting (back in 2004) a nice "family" restaurant and that Panera Bread was even interested. Now we are just stuck with Subway? Remember, Holsten is normally not a "retail" developer, hence, I wouldn't bank on any quality retailers.

  4. AlderChairEmperorEverthingMan Ed Burke will find Peter his retailers.

    Might be more difficult at Wilson Yard as compared to Cabrini Green. Those retailers had their own structures. The housing was separate.

    But that was a different Ward with different mouths to feed.

    The D'Agostinos will come through if the build is completed.