Monday, January 12, 2009

Protect Yourself And Your Business

January 14th, 12:00-1:30pm

Join your business peers and the Chicago Police for a Business Safety Seminar. As crime rates jump, we will learn how to safeguard both our businesses and ourselves.

What: Business Safety Seminar
When: Wednesday, January 14th, 12:00 - 1:30pm
Where: Wilde, 3130 N Broadway

Hope to see you there!

Christie Hahn
Executive Director
Business Partners, The Chamber for Uptown
(773) 878-1184


  1. So is Uptown so dangerous that BP has their functions in Lakeview (Boystown?)

  2. I second Sassy, Free the "E". This should b"e" h"e"ld at Wild Pug!!!!

  3. Forever clueless ... 12:30 on a Wednesday ... so the businesses have to close down to attend???

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  5. Is Wilde part of the Uptown Chamber? Why on earth should we spend money in Lakeview at a business that harassed one of our own? I third the motion, hold it at Wild Pug. I say no business should attend this.

  6. "business that harassed one of our own"

    You're talking about the fact that Pug infringed on a trademark despite communication and before a single flyer was printed???

    Gimm-"e" a break.

  7. Will-

    We're just sayin' the establishment(e) down the street is an anal-retentive, selfish, petty one which doesn't play well with others.

  8. Wilde really has a trademark on the name "Wilde?" I find that hard to believe since that's Oscar Wilde's name. Do they pay royalties to Oscar Wilde's estate?

    Honestly, I never went to Wilde when I lived in Lakeview because I heard the food was terrible and I don't plan on going now because of the way they treated Wild Pug. I think it's arrogant and ridiculous to think you can trademark the name of Oscar Wilde.

    I also agree that we should be spending our dollars in Uptown, not Lakeview!

  9. Speaking as a heterosexual female literary snob, it still bothers me that this gay/gay friendly English style pub cannot pay rightful homage to Oscar Wilde.

    Free the E!

  10. hahaha...Sassy cracks me up!

    Power to her heterosexual female literary snob people!!!

  11. As an Uptown resident of 10 years and not a business owner, holding a meeting south of Belmont when most of the issues discussed relate to businesses north of Irving Park is sorta silly. If the goal is to support and protect local business...why isn't the meeting at A LOCAL BUSINESS??? Seems like a no-brainer to me...

  12. While I absolutely *loathe* Wilde the restaurant, I do believe that this is an event put on by Chicago Police and not necessarily an "Uptown only" event, correct?

  13. I'd rather not venture down to the Lakeview Bennigan's.

  14. wow, so many angry people...I would suggest you all try the Bloody Mary at Wilde's -

    I'm sure many of you bashing Wilde's would all of the sudden think the food is outstanding if they had in fact opened up North of Irving Park somewhere in Uptown...stop being so sophomoric...hold the Alderbeast responsible for not bringing in more businesses just like Wilde's to our Ward...

    Hollywood Beach - great question, we don't even know if this is a multi Ward event or not....

    and to larrynow, there are plenty of waif'y queens pushing their food around their plates at Wilde's...the same ones that will dance the night away at Pug...

  15. I'm with Jimo.....way too much whining on this issue.

    This is a safety seminar for businesses that is being presented by the Chicago Police Department. I'm sure it requires a good amount of planning and time. It also requires that police officers are off the street while this is taking place. I think it's great that they could include the Lakeview and Uptown chambers in one meeting as we share a lot of the same issues. I find it to be a good use of limited resources (police presence on the street) and hope that businesses find it helpful.

  16. "This is a safety seminar for businesses that is being presented by the Chicago Police Department."

    CPD reps may be on the agenda but this is clearly a BP-sponsored event, on their splash page & calendar held a mile south of their beat

  17. I have worked in Uptown for over 15 yrs and I can tell you that the problem with Uptown is Helen Shiller. She absolutely hates anyone who is gainfully employed and self reliant. She has exploited the homeless, the drunks, the prostitutes, and mentals for her own political gain. I remember when one of he staff memebers son was arrested at 4410 N. Clifton for Delivery of a Controlled Substance when her office was still there in the PARIS CLUB parking lot. He was only 100 ft away from her office front door. She is very close w/ Slim Coleman (anti-american radical) and the PLO (Peoples Law Office) whose sole purpose is to sue police officers. She used to live over on Malden but moved into a condo further north. The reason the police are very timid to make any street stops is because of the political backlash she will bring onto officers. So watch your back cause Shiller won't, she will just wait till you become a victim and blame capitalism for it. Ill provide more info on the Alderman in the future, so untill next time take a look at the LSC composition at Stewart School and Arai Uplift and others in her ward. A whole lotsa $$$$$ gets spent by the LSC to Friends of Shiller.

  18. I don't have a bone to pick as to whether or not it is a BP event, the point is that they share the same disirict officers. The coppers could do a presentation in Lakeview one day, and then do the same one in Uptown. I think they are merely combining meetings.

  19. Does it seem strange to anyone else that Uptown's "Chamber of Commerce" is not supporting even one business that is a member of their organization?

    What a slap in the face to their members!

  20. is the guy robbing the bank single by chance? i'm looking for man with $$