Monday, January 12, 2009

Hallelujah! 36 Broadway and 22 Clark Coming To Bus Tracker

By Jon Hilkevitch, Tribune Breaking News
Eleven more CTA bus routes will be added to the Bus Tracker Web-based service starting Jan. 26, transit officials said today. A total of 86 of the CTA's 153 bus routes will be included in Bus Tracker, which provides riders with the locations and estimated bus arrival times at bus stops via a program that uses the global positioning system.
The routes that will be added to the Bus Tracker Web site,, on Jan. 26 are No. 3 King Drive, X3 King Drive Express, 4 Cottage Grove, X4 Cottage Grove Express, 22 Clark, 36 Broadway, 49B North Western, 82 Kimball/Homan, 93 California/Dodge, 96 Lunt and 97 Skokie.

The Bus Tracker Web site provides a route map where icons indicate the location and direction of buses currently in service, an alarm feature that alerts riders when a bus is approaching a selected bus stop and the estimated arrival times at bus stops.

The CTA Bus Tracker Web site is accessible from computers and Web-enabled wireless devices.


  1. About time. You'd think they would have started the tracking with the buses that are running the most hours of the day.

  2. Thank god. This will make trips down to Wrigley so much easier to plan. I hate waiting forever for the 22, but now I'll actually know when its coming. In fact, I may actually start taking the 22 again in the morning(assuming I check and its coming soon).

  3. I second Murray's comments...I'm also looking forward to when the 135 is listed as well!

    I must admit, the CTA tracker is pretty damn cool and love using it...

    WOW, did I just compliment the CTA?