Monday, January 12, 2009

Fix Wilson Yard Press Conference Video

In case you weren't downtown for the Fix Wilson Yard press conference on December 3, here is a great video recap.

Update: has picked up on our Wilson Yard TIF battle. Check out their "Time To Throw a TIF" and nod to the Wilson Yard video we posted earlier today.


  1. Yeah, the music in this one is pretty cheesy. I still think it was inspired for dstratis to use The Black Parade in this video to show the massive political windfall of cash Helen received from this taxpayer funded project.

    It still chaps me that my tax dollars somehow found their way through that TIF laundramat to help Helen stay in power.

  2. My comment that the music is cheesey has been deleted 2 times Zesty. I guess you are next! Seems like someone is a little over-sensitive....

    I agree with you...

  3. Jason, where'd your post go? All you said is that the music was cheesy. Cheese isn't all that bad, is it?

  4. Really, all i said is that the music was cheesey. Then it was deleted, then I said it again, and it was deleted.

  5. Maybe uptownupdater just doesn't like me! :-(

  6. Jason...Why don't you stop complaining and say/do something that's positive and constructive?

    This lawsuit will have a huge impact on more than 150 Chicago, out-of-control TIFs that are really nothing more than a slush fund for Daley that pours millions of $$$ into developers' pockets.

  7. This video is pretty cool.

    I just can't get over the fact, that everytime I see pictures of the housing portion (I know, we've seen the renderings for years), it just amazes how it overpowers everything else.

    For a project that was supposed to spur retail growth on Broadway, Shiller has failed everyone miserably.

  8. Katherine,

    You crack me up. First of all, if complaining wasn't allowed on this blog, UU would be out of business!

    Secondly, I am a huge supporter of FWY, there is more involved than 150 TIFs. I know a lot more about TIFs than you what you get spoon-fed to believe.

    Thirdly, I say and do plenty of things that are constructive.

    The music in the video doesn't match with the message, it makes it "cheesy" I think. No big deal, sorry if I hurt someone's feelings.

  9. I thought some of the regulars on this site would enjoy this article: