Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Call To Action: Spread The Word On UBB

Those of you who were hoping for the supper club from the owners of "Club Lucky" to open in the basement space of the newly renovated Uptown Broadway Building, we have bad news: they have pulled out. The folks who wanted to open a wine bar have also pulled out. We are told there is one restaurant/bar in very early talks for part of the ground level space of the building, but as you know, deals fall through. That's why we are asking for our readers to contact any business they would like to see in these spaces, for example, "Kuma's Corner." All of the info needed is in the spec sheet above (click to enlarge). And just in case any business is leery of opening up here since they assume it's in the 46th Ward, please note this building is in the 48th Ward. We also hope our Uptown Chamber is actively searching for businesses to locate in these spaces as well.


  1. Its really sad that the real estate ad has to say who the alderman is, as it shouldn't matter, but as we know in Uptown, IT DOES. It would be the reason whether or not your business thrives (48th Ward) or falters (46th Ward).

  2. I'm still hoping for an ice cream shop! But a restaurant or a cafe would be nice, too.

  3. I would pull out at 36 a square foot for that locations as well.

    That's really high rent for these economics times.

    Bars/Rest's have slowed down with the economy as well.

  4. Dang! I really thought the wine bar was a great concept for the smaller ground level space and thought it would be a great addition to the neighborhood.

  5. Well at least we won't have to deal with the potential wine bar's name that was being thrown around. Clever Boar? It makes Wild Pug's (also terrible) name look inspired.

  6. I thought the name Wild Pug is cute.

  7. Yes! Kuma's Corner please come to Uptown! It would be a great addition to the neighboorhood and would do very well in this area!

  8. What would you think of an all-green, healthy, natural, and made in the US, pet business that is currently web-based but looking at storefront locations?

    I've been looking at other areas, since there are two independent pet stores relatively close, but I'd like to be in Uptown.


    Thoughts? Opinions?

  9. To be perfectly honest, it's really close to Soggy Paws (Leland and Racine) and there's a pretty loyal following of dog owners that go there.

    I'd really like to encourage you to open your business in Uptown, but you'd really have to differentiate your products and services from Soggy Paws or else you will be in direct competition with another specialized retailer that's 1 block away.

    On the other hand, as a dog owner that lives a block away from the Uptown Broadway Building, I'd love to have your business there. I just think you should know what you'd be walking into.

  10. marathonman77:

    That was one of my concerns, which is why I've been looking further south. I haven't been in soggy paws lately, do they carry a lot of food, cat products and litter, etc? Do you get all your pet-related needs filled there?

    I am all FOR independent retailers and not stepping on toes. The thing that differentiates me from most others is that all the products I carry are not made OR sourced outside the US with the exception of two products. I research all products and have a strong commitment to supporting the US economy and avoiding recalls and promoting health, safety, and nutrition. This is why I've chosen to not carry any food, treats, or products made or sourced in China. Most retailers carry a number of products that still source ingredients in China. Because the recalls seem to be continuing as opposed to waning, I just won't carry products I don't feel are safe or do not meet my standards for both eco-friendly and healthy.

    If I move into a neighborhood with Soggy Paws, or something like it, I'd work WITH them as opposed to against them. Partnering to combine interest through events, etc. If Soggy Paws meets the needs for all pet supplies, I would definitely look elsewhere. I want to promote eco-friendly and healthy pet products, but I don't want to bring unnecessary competition for small independent retailers or saturate an area with independent retailers.

    Thanks for your feedback!

  11. Are you kidding me, 976 square feet for $2,760 per month???? No wonder it is STILL empty...