Friday, December 5, 2008

Wilson El Platform Closed This Weekend & Next

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CTA will be performing work on the south end of the Wilson Red Line Station. CTA will be working from December 5 through December 8 and December 12 through December 15 for a 56-hour continuous closure of the Wilson platform from 8pm Friday to 4:00am Monday. A description of the work and customer impact is as follows:

CTA will be replacing support bents at the south end of the Wilson platform, as well as doing other work on the decking. In order to perform this work, CTA will need a ride by on the northbound track. On the southbound track, the train will be redirected to the auxiliary platform at Wilson.

Therefore, the Wilson platform will be closed to customer traffic. However, the station will remain open.

  • Customers traveling southbound to and from Wilson will be able to board/disembark trains via the auxiliary platform at the Wilson Station.
  • Customers traveling northbound towards Wilson will have to proceed to Lawrence (due to the ride by northbound), then board a southbound train back to Wilson.
  • Customers wanting to travel northbound from Wilson will need to board a southbound train via the auxiliary platform, travel to Sheridan and board a northbound train at Sheridan (or walk to the Lawrence station).


  1. Totally unrelated, but did anyone else see the serious police take-down at Wilson and Broadway last night? This younger guy came tooling across Broadway and tripped over the curb and nearly fell because he almost ran into me. Then a plainclothes officer came chasing right behind him and flashed a badge to get people out of the way. The kid headed for the Wilson el entrance, but another cop appeared and hard checked/tackled him onto the ground as about 4 marked units converged on the intersection. It wasn't clear what crime had been committed, but it was a pretty dramatic scene.

  2. I saw the scene, but I got off the train on the Northern exit. As I was going towards the turnstiles to exit I saw a 27" CRT TV near the stairs. I'm not sure if that was related to the bust, but it was still pretty odd.

  3. I saw the police cars as I came down the stairs from the El. I wondered what had happened.

    What is the auxiliary platform?

  4. The auxiliary platform is the hallway to the right (west), after the turnstiles. You walk up that hallway and you're at the auxiliary platform (west of the station).

    You'll be pointed in that direction when you enter the station. They normally shut down the stairwell and have signs pointing you that way.

    By the way, I really hope that the station continues getting cleaned up and renovated. Slowly but surely is better than not at all!

  5. I agree. That woodwork inside the staircase area looks beautiful.