Friday, December 5, 2008

Uptown Agency Featured In Tribune's Holiday Giving Series

Today the Tribune has a very nice article about the good works performed by Interfaith Refugee and Immigration Ministries in Uptown, which helps refugee families acclimate to life in the United States after leaving their troubled homelands.

During its 25 years, Interfaith has introduced refugee families from all over the world to their new lives in the U.S., helping them learn English, find jobs or simply figure out how to use a stove. Its annual budget is $2.6 million. Trips to the circus, Wrigley Field or elsewhere are rare treats that help lift the spirits of immigrants often suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder, war-related disabilities or extreme hunger, said Greg Wangerin, Interfaith's executive director." Having come from strife-torn regions, having run, in some cases, for their lives, this is a good way to relax, enjoy themselves and forget their troubles," he said.

Read the entire article here.

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  1. So refreshing to read about a social service (in uptown especially) that is changing peoples lives for the better. Not just enabling without direction or solution.

    ~Where there is no vision, the people shall perish.