Friday, December 5, 2008

Ald. Shiller "Prefers Not To" Vote

Oops. Uptown Update said that Ald. Shiller voted in favor of raising the parking meter fees. We were wrong.

A reader informs us, based on the roll call, that Ald. Shiller actually abstained from voting on the issue, just as she did the first time the "living wage"/big box vote came up in the City Council.

Once again, the 46th Ward wasn't represented in what happens in the city. The person we are paying to do so, like Bartleby the Scrivener, simply "preferred not to."

How many of us would love to have a job where we could simply "abstain" from doing what's in our job description?


  1. abstaining is a silent 'yes' vote...

  2. contrast this with the so-called "big box" "living wage ordinance" at which she WAS present and voted "present" w/o permission from the Council in violation of Council rules

  3. Wow she is halfway to becoming President!


  4. Hmmm. Reminds me of a former IL State Senator who was fond of voting "Present" in Springfield. Did somebody say "change?" You'll need more of it for those meters now.

  5. Just another Jackass Illinois Politician. Wouldnt be surprised if her and Obamah were friends.

  6. Hey Mannis,

    Your Rush Limbaugh blow up doll just arrived. Get busy.

    As for Shiller not voting is her way of trying to please everyone.

    Doesn't work that way.

  7. Wow Pirate even that was low for you. Cant handle Blasphemy towards your savior?

    Better get used to it. My ignorant neighbor that lives downstairs uses the Limbaugh/Fox News snarky comments during every debate. I suppose that is his ostirich way of burying his head in the sand so not to face opposition.

    These polititions are paid to be the voice of a community/country. There is no excuse for voting present.

    But Blow Up Doll? Your smarter than that.

  8. Chippie,

    if you've ever seen Mannis's "writing" you would understand why I mentioned the blow up doll.

    He deserved it. He is the Helen Shiller of the "right".

    Dumbasses on the right side of the spectrum deserve it as much as dumbasses on the right.

    Mannis is the Rogers Park equivalent of a 9/11 truther.

  9. Just busting you up a bit Pirate.

    (Lifting Beer) Cheers brother.

  10. " ... voting "Present" in Springfield ... "

    down by der they make it easy - there's a button for it

    The City Council makes it harder not to go on record - you have to make a separate motion to ask permission not to vote - or at least you're supposed to

    I think the Council rule is better - it gets our reps on record, when it is followed

  11. I just wanted to give random credit for the random use of the Bartleby the Scrivener reference. I'm part of a theatre company that has a company adaptation of that show for the stage in our rep of show. So the reference to that story made me laugh.

  12. Why should Shiller be any different with her voting habits than our new "separate but equal is ok so long as you don't try to apply that to my family" president elect? They are both Chicago politicians, after all. And from the same political party as Da Mare, Da Gov'na, and most of those running this state.

  13. IP, dumbass to dumbass (we're all dumbasses on this bus), can I put in a brief word for my brother Tom, for your consideration?

    Tom & I have very different tastes in presidents and do not agree on things like guns and many others, but I can still communicate with him. For example, if you could listen you would find he is sharply critical of several local alderman that I think you & I would agree would be the 1st up against the wall when the revolution comes. And if you don't run him off, think how much fun you can have poking fun at him, or, if you prefer, arguing with him.

    News flash: there's Republicans in Uptown! We had 3 precincts in the 50th go for McCain. The GOP'ers are out there, but it's hard for an R in Chicago, so they're laying low - and that (them lying low) is a real problem for reform-minded types in Chicago. We want them OUT where we can see them & count them & court them. Our current crop of alderman are so god-damn awful that there is ample room to criticize them from the left AND right. We need just a very few hundred votes for regime change, we need a big tent. What say, let's talk?