Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Heartland Alliance Launches Gift Catalog

Yesenia Sotello from Heartland Alliance writes in with the following info:

"I work with Heartland Alliance for Human Needs & Human Rights. We're a human rights organization that provides a services for people in need, including affordable housing, health care, financial literacy training, and legal protections. We have a few locations in Uptown, including our community health center at 1015 W. Lawrence.

As you can imagine, our phones and lobbies are busy with people in need requesting help: help to find a safe and affordable place to live, help accessing health care, help learning how to plan for tough economic times, or even help finding asylum from religious persecution in another country.

It's the season for gift giving and for supporting worthy causes, and I'd like to share an opportunity to do both. Heartland Alliance has launched a gift catalog full of meaningful gifts that you can make in honor of your family and friends. ( For example, you can purchase a wellness check for a homeless newborn or a stocked backpack for a child on behalf of a family member or friend. You can honor your loved ones with a meaningful gift that captures the true spirit of the season.

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