Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Uptown On Ice

A reader writes in: "Please tell your readers to be extra cautious out there. Since the city has stopped plowing the side streets -- don't even get me started -- Uptown has turned into a big glacier. On my way to work, I saw a very elderly man slip and fall on the ice at Leland and Kenmore. He was okay but very scared."

We've noticed a lot of pedestrians choosing to walk on the icy streets because the sidewalks haven't been shoveled. A reminder to call 311 to report incidents where the residents or businesses haven't bothered to remove the snow (which is rapidly turning into ice). With all the cars spinning out on the slippery side streets, that's the last place a pedestrian needs to be.


  1. Ravenswood was a mess this morning, too. Saw a car accident due to icy roads at the corner of ravenswood and winnemac while walking my dog, nearly wiped out trying to cross the street. Sidewalks are pretty clear, but the streets are solid ice.

  2. What is with the construction on Leland and Kenmore/Leland and Winthrop? Have they just stopped working on it?! I hate walking on sand covered in ice more than I hate walking on cement covered in ice!

  3. buena at kenmore and sheridan too...deep recesses at the corners for everyone to drive/fall into

  4. I was so pissed with the conditions on the side streets this morning. Traffic was a mess due to all the unmanaged ice. All the side streets were a sheet of ice. Fender benders everywhere.

    I got on the phone and called 3-1-1 to ask the operator if they could advise Daley to go F**K himself. Of course they laid off all the call center employees, so after 5 minutes on hold I hung up.

    Blago is gone.

    Hopefully Daley is next. Don't forget the Toddler on your way out too.

  5. Well, we can't pin this one on the alderperson or governor: why is the sidewalk in front of the Broadway/Lawrence Post Office not salted, let alone shoveled? Is this not a responsibility of the Feds who run the place? I can hardly wait (not really) for a lawsuit filed by a holiday-package-laden customer who slips on the ice and ends up in the hospital over Christmas. Great PR there!

  6. Does anyone remember that we live in Chicago in the winter? What happened to driving slow and being careful???

  7. Good grief. Didn't the city learn from paving LSD that you can actually save money by spending money up front?

    Paved roads equals smooth roads equals fewer repair claims from pothole damage.

    It is as if they want to create critical masses of angry citizens to further their grab of your private capital.

  8. [Probably no one will read this comment now, but...]

    If you do call 311, be aware that they will ask you whether the address is a business or residence. I imagine that this is only a problem if you're reporting multiple addresses.

    As an editorial comment, the woman ask me how much snow/ice could possibly be there because she thought most of it had melted. I resisted the urge to say, "enough for me to go through the hassle of calling 311."

  9. I'm surprised at the unwillingness of several property owners to clear their walks. Condos along Lawrence are a huge hazard, but the worst is the stretch of concrete between Weiss Memorial and Walgreens. There frequently are people with crutches and walkers going back and forth with medication, and it makes me nervous seeing little old ladies risk life and limb traversing the ice.