Wednesday, December 10, 2008

'Sedgwick Properties' To Develop Maryville Site

From a CPNA (Clarendon Park Neighborhood Association) email:

There has been a correction to the proposed developer for the property. Sedgwick Properties is the developer for the site, not Centrum Properties as previously reported.

"A representative from Sedgwick Properties (click link for company info) contacted us today to ask about scheduling a meeting with the community. This process will begin to move fast, and we as a community need to understand and clearly relay our concerns, demands, and questions to the developer and the Alderman's office.

So please come to the meeting Thursday night at 7pm at Kahawa Coffee House, 838 W. Montrose so we can discuss our concerns and questions. This project will have a large impact upon the neighborhood and our quality of life over the next couple of years.

Hope to see you there."


  1. I wish Centrum Properties luck, but the 46th Ward reputation of "pay to play" is worse than any scheme Blagojavich could have "bleepin" cooked up.

    I don't have enough fingers to count the number of big projects that suddenly got tabled once it reached the Alderman Shiller's desk. Wasn't there even a lawsuit filed by the owner of the New Yorker over their dealings with her? (and I doubt that lawsuit was "a publicity stunt" either)


  2. Yes indeed.
    I lived in the 3660 'New York' building 17 years ago, and Shiller's stupid, menacing touch cast a shadow even then.
    Why not, move Robert Taylor Homes up north?

    She would if she could.

  3. "Sedgwick Properties" is now the proposed Maryville property developer. Check out the link and update.

  4. The unit prices on their web site seem a little outdated, but none of the list prices surpass the $450,000.00 price tag for each of the proposed WY units slated for low income housing.

  5. Wonder how Helen is going to force them into incorporating low income units? Maybe a little "pay to play?"

  6. Did anyone attend the meeting? I am curious about what happened there.