Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Handgun Found At Sunnyside & Magnolia

A reader writes in with the following photo and info:

"I thought some people might want to be aware that there was a small loaded semi-automatic handgun found at the intersection of Sunnyside and Magnolia early this morning. I live in a condominium at this intersection and know for certain it was dropped there sometime between 5:30 when I had been out for a walk and 6:20 when I found it on my way to work. I’m glad some little kid didn’t stumble upon it first. Police response time ….25 minutes.


  1. Damn,

    that's where I left it.

    Who do I see to pick it up.

    Is there a handgun lost and found at the Aldercritter's office?

  2. Is there some cosmic force that made sure you found the gun and not some school kid? Either way, thanks for handling this!!!

  3. Yeah, thanks to the reader...but 25 minutes to pick up the gun? Shouldn't that be a higher priority.

    Oh wait, with how crappy the weather was this morning, the cops were probably responding to car accidents with most of their time. I'll give them a pass for today only!

  4. you shoulda picked it up, taken it home then turned it in at the next gun buy-back event and gotten a nice gift card for groceries or something!

  5. No wonder they can't hit anything. I am so happy that this happens 500feet from my home.

    You stay classy Black P Stones!

  6. The only place without loaded handguns lying in the street is heaven.

    Or your college campus, sweetie.

  7. The 22 is good for shooting cans or pigeons, but that's about it. A nice hunting rifle is much more effective for taking out your rival gangbangers, but usually requires practice and planning...:)

    BTW, I would be less terrified of a kid finding the gun then Cheney using it. Body armor for everyone when the VP is in town!

  8. Maybe it fell out of Plaxico's Sweatpants!

  9. @allenpg

    Actually, it's my understanding that a .22 can be extremely dangerous; rather than passing dtraight through a person's body (as a larger caliber bullet might), a .22 is more likely to richochet off bones, changing direction and causing much more collateral damage within the body...

  10. It may be my imagination, but I believe Candidate 5 has one just like this.

  11. allenpg -

    1. A .22 will kill you dead, be sure of it. It's a small round that moves at a high rate of speed

    2. The gratuitous anti-Republican comment is lame and forced.

  12. .22 caliber handguns are often used for very close range hits, like a shot to the lower back of the head. Easy to conceal, relatively quiet and easy to dispose of.

    All I can say about finding a loaded gun laying on the sidewalk is - Wow. Maybe one of the local gangbangers took a final ride in the front seat of a car driving up Magnolia.