Tuesday, November 18, 2008

TIF'd Off?

A reader sends in this notice of a meeting on TIF abuse and reform:

The Independent Illinois Voters Association is hosting a community meeting on TIF Reform this coming Monday, November 24.

If you're not TIF-ed off, you should be. In the middle of this economic crisis, Cook County TIFs are quietly sucking $900 million out of the general revenue funds and putting them into the Mayor's and Aldermen's private slush funds.

Citizens are finally waking up and demanding TIF Reform. Jump on the TIF bandwagon and learn more.


  1. Is there a way to print this flyer?

  2. Click on the flyer and hit print page.

  3. The event is at 7p, according to the site of the sponsor. There is a different PDF link from the site: http://www.iviipo.org/

  4. This also got a mention in the Reader...